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Strap Hinge Galvanized with Tip 40 cm

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Why choose for Strap Hinge Galvanized with Tip 40 cm?

  • Very well protected thanks to hot dip galvanized steel
  • Protected against flash rust
  • Extra long life

Product attributes

Hook thickness
16 mm
Article number
Feature 1
Hot dip galvanized steel
Feature 2
3 screw holes
Feature 3
For 16mm hinge hooks
Hot dip galvanized steel
Price unit
Per piece
0.5 cm
40 cm

Strap Hinge Galvanized with Tip 40 cm

With this 40 cm strap hinge made of hot-dip galvanized steel, you can easily install fence doors or gate fences. The thermal galvanizing of these strap hinges ensures unprecedented quality and a long service life. In thermal galvanizing, the rod is immersed in zinc melt. The steel reacts to this, creating a powerful thick protective layer. Hot dip galvanized pullets are slightly better protected against corrosion than blue galvanized pullets. The thermal galvanizing of the hinges creates a somewhat rough appearance. These strap hinges have a 16 mm eye. Therefore, do not forget to order our galvanized sheet metal 16 mm.

With which bolts do I mount these strap hinges?

You can mount the strap hinges from Wovar with lag screws or carriage bolts. The round mounting holes of these galvanized pullets are 8.3 mm. This makes our M8 lag bolts and carriage bolts suitable for mounting the hinges. With a door thickness of 35 mm including strap hinge, our M8x30 mm lag screws are sufficient. For thicker doors, it is recommended to attach the strap hinges with our galvanized carriage bolts. Is the door thickness approximately 40 mm? Then use our galvanized carriage bolts M8x50 mm. For a door thickness of 50 mm, choose our galvanized carriage bolts M8x60 mm.

How do I attach strap hinges to my door?

Mount the strap hinges on the same side as the door hinges. Place the strap hinge in the correct place on the door and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Are you using carriage bolts? Then it is necessary to pre-drill with our 9mm thick hardwood drill. After drilling, slide the carriage bolts through the hole. The semicircular head of the carriage bolts is located on the inside of the door. By tapping the head of the carriage bolts with a rubber hammer, the square portion of the carriage bolts under the semicircular head is clamped into the wood. This prevents the carriage bolt from turning when tightening the nut.

Each stall has 1 square mounting hole. At the square hole, place the carriage bolt with the semicircular head on the same side of the rod. So that the square part under the semicircular head of the carriage bolt fits exactly in the square hole of the strap hinge. This ensures a solid connection of the hinges.

If you mount the strap hinges with lag screws, you pre-drill a hole with our hardwood drill 6mm. You will notice that screwing in the lag screw is a lot easier. Coach screws are mounted in a different way than the carriage bolts, namely the other way around. You screw the lag screw on the same side as the strap hinge. Make sure that each strap hinge mounting hole has an hour lead bolt or carriage bolt.

How many hinges do I need for my garden door?

For doors or gates in your garden that are lower than 120 cm, Wovar recommends using 2 hinges with slabs. For higher doors it is recommended to use 3 hinges. By mounting your garden door with 3 handles, you greatly reduce the chance that the door will warp.

Buy straight hinges with a 40 cm point

Order the modern strap hinges hot dip galvanized of rock-solid quality with a long service life for the lowest price at Wovar. Take advantage of our volume discount and order 10 pieces. Green and construction companies, such as DIY companies, construction companies and gardeners, receive extra benefits at Wovar, such as discounts with a business account.

Do you prefer hinges with resistance or hinges with a bend? View our entire range of hinges and plate pintles.

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