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Waterproof Shade Sails

Waterproof shade sails are extremely popular because they protect you from the sun and keep you completely dry during a summer shower. This ensures that you are always dry during an evening in the summer. The shade sails are made of high-quality 200 gr/m2 polyester, which is provided with a water-repellent PU coating. The coating not only ensures that the sunscreen does not allow water to pass through, but it will also allow the water to drain easily. This makes the waterproof shade cloth easy to clean.

When mounting a waterproof shade sail, keep in mind that you allow the sail to slope at 20 degrees, this prevents water from remaining on the sail after a rain shower. This equates to a bleed of 20 cm per metre. Waterproof shade sails are windproof, so can take a lot of wind in bad weather. Therefore, ensure a sturdy construction for your waterproof shade sail.

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The waterproof shade sails from Wovar are made of polyester and have a water-repellent coating. The advantage of a waterproof shade cloth is that you are protected against both the sun and the rain. So you can sit outside at any time. Is there a heavy shower on a summer evening? Then you will always be dry.

Sunshade with Angle of Inclination

When mounting a waterproof shade sail, it is important to take an angle of inclination, also called slope, into account. If you install the sail without a slope, a puddle of water may form on the fabric. As a result, the sail becomes increasingly heavier and can be damaged. In order for the rainwater to drain away, the sail must therefore slope downwards. The larger the canvas, the greater the slope. As a rule, approximately 20 cm per linear meter of the sail is used. Do you have a 5 meter sail? Then take into account a slope of 1 meter.

A handy advantage is its rails with adjustable eye. This allows you to adjust the angle of your sail even after mounting. For example, you can hang the sail horizontally, but adjust it at an angle during a rain shower. The rails are 1 meter long, so good for a large slope. In addition, the rails are also useful for adjusting the shadow afterwards. You will also find the adjustable rails in our range of shade sail hardware.

Shade Sail Ideas

Installing a waterproof shade sail with a slope can be done in a number of ways. We list these ways for you below. For shade sail with 4 corners:

  • 2 high angles and 2 low angles
  • 2 high corners and 2 low corners (alternately)
  • 1 high angle and 3 low angles
  • 3 high angles and 1 low angle

All combinations are also possible for a shade cloth with 3 corners. It is up to you to choose which option best suits your garden and situation. In any case, keep in mind that the angle of the canvas must be at least 20 degrees. In this way, the corner in your shade cloth not only ensures that rainwater runs off, but also a unique playful appearance.

Shade Sail Sun Protection

Besides the fact that these shade sails are waterproof, they also protect very well against the sun. Waterproof shade sails, just like the standard HDPE shade sails, block 90 to 95% of harmful UV rays. During a hot summer it is important not to sit in the sun for too long. With the shade sails from Wovar you can enjoy the summer wonderfully and carefree.

Buying Waterproof Shade Sails

At Wovar you can buy waterproof shade sails in triangle, long corner, square, and rectangle! In combination with the different colors, there is a suitable waterproof shade sail for every garden. You can create a unique and luxurious effect with several shade cloths by overlapping the cloths. At Wovar you will therefore receive a volume discount when purchasing 5 or more items. Do you have your own Handyman business or are you a landscape gardener? With a business account you can benefit from, among other things, a fixed business discount.

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