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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves, also known as floating wall shelves, are extremely popular. These floating shelves on the wall are an absolute living trend at the moment. This is because the floating shelves are widely applicable. In addition, a floating shelf looks very sleek, without a visible hanging support system. Floating shelves on the wall are suitable for most places. You can also easily assemble a floating wall shelf yourself. After mounting a floating wall shelf, you can use it as a TV cabinet, photo shelf, bookshelf, and much more.

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Attaching a Floating Shelf

For the attachment of our floating shelves, you will receive a special mounting bracket. Would you rather make your own floating shelf? Then you can of course always use our floating shelf brackets. With our ready-made floating shelves, holes are already drilled in the shelf. Here you can attach the mounting bracket. This mounting bracket can be screwed to the wall at the desired location. For this, you should order nylon plugs (or hollow wall plugs), together with chipboard screws. This way you get a firm attachment of the bracket to your wall. Then all you need to do is slide the floating shelf onto the bracket. Depending on your variant of the floating shelf, you can tighten it even more, so that it can no longer move.

Floating White Wall Shelf

One of the most popular and universally applicable models of the floating wall shelf is the white floating wall shelf. This is because the white color of the floating wall shelf white is very neutral. This ensures that the floating wall shelf can be combined with all other colors in your interior.

Floating Black Wall Shelf

After the white floating wall shelf, the black floating wall shelf is the second most popular. The color of the black floating wall shelf can also be combined with a huge variety of other colors. The black floating wall shelf gives your interior a more luxurious and sheik look.

Buying Floating Shelves

Order your high-quality floating shelf today! At Wovar you can enjoy low prices on top-quality floating wall shelves. Are you going to start a big job with floating shelves on the wall? Then our volume discounts are also useful to keep an eye on. This way you enjoy extra-low unit prices when purchasing a fixed batch of floating shelves. Do you have a company in the construction or Handyman sector? Then we would like to point you to our business account. By applying for this account, you qualify for various additional benefits, like a fixed business discount on most products and a personal customer representative.