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Looking for escutcheons to give your door that finishing touch? Wovar offers escutcheons in different shapes and sizes. Escutcheons, also called keyhole covers, are indispensable when you have a door with a lock. They are available in black and stainless steel, round and square. 

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Installing escutcheons

Installing escutcheons is fairly straightforward. Each escutcheon is equipped with two mounting holes, usually 4.5 mm in diameter. The screws should therefore be 3.5 or 4 mm thick. Generally, interior doors are 38 to 40 mm thick, so pay attention to the length of the screws, as you do not want them to meet in the door. We recommend using 16 or 20 mm long screws. With some escutcheons, the fasteners are included.

Door handle bolts

Instead of fastening the escutcheons with screws, you can also opt for securing them with door handle bolts. Wovar also offers door handle bolts, which always include the corresponding sleeve. Pay attention to the thickness of the bolt to make sure it will fit in your door. Pre-drill with a hardwood drill bit with the same thickness as the bolt. Often, this will be a 4 mm drill bit.

Types of escutcheons

Our range of escutcheons consists of various types. We offer euro escutcheons and standard escutcheons. There is a keyhole cover for most types of door locks.

Concealed fixings

Most of our escutcheons have an easy click-on mechanism. This is because they consist of two parts. One part is the backplate, which is fixed to the door with door handle bolts or screws. The second part is the cover, which you simply click onto the first part. The result is a securely fastened escutcheon with concealed fixings.

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