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Screw Eyes and Eye Bolts

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Screw Eyes and Eye Bolts

Are you looking for an eye with a bolt on it? Wovar has eye bolts made of stainless steel and galvanised steel. In addition to eye bolts with metric thread, Wovar also supplies screw eyes with metric thread and screw eyes with wood thread. The difference between eye bolts and screw eyes is that the length of the threaded rod is longer on the screw eyes. 

Screw eyes and eye bolts are often used as lifting eyes. Lifting eyes are steel eyes, with a piece of threaded rod, and screw thread. Eye bolts are available in sizes M6 to M16. The M size indicated represents the thickness of the threaded rod section for eyebolts and eyebolts with metric thread.

Hanging objects on a wooden beam or stone wall is easy with Wovar's screw eyes. Mounting is also easy, and because the screw eyes are made of galvanised steel, you are assured of a very strong anchoring. 

Screw Eye in a Wooden Beam

Attach a flower pot or lamp to a wooden beam by screwing in a screw eye. This can be done very easily by hand, but can also be done using a screwdriver. Put it through the eye and turn it around easily. It can be useful to first tap the screw eye into the wood with the point using a hammer. 

Screw Eye in a Stone Wall

You can also easily tighten the screw eye in a stone wall. For example, you can hang objects on a wall or tension a wire. Pre-drill a hole with a metal drill and push in a nylon plug. Wovar supplies different sizes of metal drills, which you can also use perfectly for this job. The screw eye is then easy to screw into the plug.

Eye Bolts

Eyebolts are widely used as temporary lifting points. The temporary lifting points can be removed after use and reused for the next job. Wovar supplies various eyebolts with which you can lift heavy objects, from 70 kilos! The eyebolts are suitable for vertical loads and up to 45° inclined loads. We recommend not to use the eyebolts for other forces because they have not been tested for that.

Buying your Screw Eyes & Bolts

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