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Sealing Tape

When you pay attention to the details, sealing tape is a must. With sealing tape, you can build water and airtight structures. A gap might look tiny, but closing it can save you lots of unnecessary heat loss and create a clean finish.

Wovar offers high-quality sealing tape in various shapes and sizes. One of our sealing tapes is foil tape for roof and facade membranes. This tape is great for closing unwanted mounting holes or to cover the framework in preparation for breather membranes or house wraps. The tape protects the membranes from the acids and chemicals in the wood. Added to that, we offer expanding foam tape. Use this tape to seal large gaps, for example around the door or window frames. Expanding foam tape is available in several sizes and can expand up to 5 times the original width.

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Foil tape

Foil tape for roof and facade membranes is a kind of sealing tape that can be used in two different ways. The most-used purpose is applying the tape to the framework that you are going to attach the roof or facade membrane to. Doing so will result in a water and airtight seal between the wood and the membrane. Additionally, the tape prevents the natural acids and chemicals in the wood from affecting the membrane.

Expanding foam tape

Gaps and cracks around door and window frames, as well as in other places, allow draught to pass through. This creates unnecessary heat loss and high energy bills. An easy way to solve this problem is expanding foam tape. After expanding, the tape creates a water and airtight barrier, and has the additional advantage of making the room more soundproof.

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Seal the deal with Wovar’s sealing tape. Build a water and airtight structure using our foil tape and expanding foam tape. Business clients enjoy many benefits with a business account. Sign up for free today.