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Tree Protection

Tree Guards

Wovar's tree guards offer protection against the clawing, biting, and rubbing of animals. The tree guards are made of high-quality PVC with holes, so the tree can still breathe. This prevents mould from forming. The sleeves are easy and quick to place around the tree trunk, because they have been cut along their length. After opening the sleeve and surrounding the tree with it, the sleeve will return to its original shape, staying in place around the tree trunk. All of our tree guards have a diameter of 85 mm, but they are available in different lengths.

Tree ties

When planting young trees, it is wise to use tree ties and stakes. Strong winds can disturb the growing process of the tree, causing it to grow crooked. Tree ties make sure the tree is kept in the correct position. Wovar's tree ties are available in nylon and rubber.

When to protect a tree

When you are going to remove paving, you have to protect the trees alongside the street or pavement against potential damage. Think, for example, of damage by machines or debris. Wovar's tree guards are made of PVC instead of wood, because it is a shame to have to cut other trees down to protect these trees. On top of that, our tree guards are green, so they do not stand out.

Ordering tree protection

Order all your tree protection now for great prices at Wovar. Businesses in the construction and landscaping sector enjoy even more advantages with a business account.