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Anti-Climb Spikes

Looking for anti-climb spikes? Then you are in the right place. Wovar offers anti-climb strips, bird spikes, and anti-climb spikes. Depending on the purpose of the anti-climb products, it has a different shape and is made of a different material. Do you want to deter burglars from climbing to your roof? Then go with the anti-climb bracket, which you can install around your drainpipe. Are you plagued by pigeons or other birds on your property? Our bird spikes prevent birds from sitting on top of your fence or gate.

Installing bird spikes

Bird spikes are usually installed in an alcove, on the edge of a roof, or on top of a fence. Wovar's bird spikes come with mounting holes every 5 cm. Use our 4 mm chipboard screws for attaching the bird spikes to both wood and concrete.

Ordering anti-climb spikes

Keep out unwanted guests with Wovar's anti-climb spikes. Do you have a landscaping or construction company? Then sign up for a business account.