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Wovar offers a broad range of wheels. Our collection consists of fixed and swivel castor wheels with a myriad of applications. Think of small castor wheels for a dresser, black swivel castors for a chair, or bigger wheels for a workbench. For every project or object, you can find a wheel. In addition to the castor wheels, Wovar is also the place where you can acquire all the necessary fasteners for your new castors. From advice on the right screws to honest information about the load bearing capacity of the wheels, Wovar can help you to make your project a success. 

Castors for every situation

Our collection offers a wheel for every situation. We can provide swivel casters for a coffee table or fixed casters for a workbench. Of course, you can also combine our swivel castor wheels with our fixed castor wheels if that suits your project better. Being able to move furniture around is amazing, but sometimes you do still need it to stay in one place. That is why we also offer castor wheels with brake. Move your workbench to the desired position and then put on the brakes, so you can get to work without worrying about the workbench moving away from you. You can find small castor wheels with a load bearing capacity of 20 kg, as well as bigger wheels with a load bearing capacity of 70 kg.

Fixed and swivel castor wheels

The difference between fixed and swivel castors is that swivel castors can rotate 360°, while fixed castors are fixed to a plate. By using swivel castors, the object can make turns, making it a lot more flexible than using just fixed castors. Our castor wheels are plate mounted, meaning there is a mounting plate on top that will secure the wheel to the object. Our high-quality castor wheels are suited for both private use, and business and industrial use. Due to the use of elastic rubber for the wheels, they absorb small imperfections.

Mounting swivel castors with brake

Swivel castors with brake are incredibly easy to mount, due to the mounting plate on top of the wheel. You simply insert screws through the mounting holes to attach the wheel to the object. We always mention the diameter of the mounting holes and the recommended screws. Naturally, the length of the screws depends on the thickness of the material you are fixing the casters to.

What do our customers do with our castor wheels?

People often use one or two swivel castors with brake in combination with two fixed castors. The brake, called a total lock brake, ensures the wheel will not budge even a little. Leave your flower pot or table on a slight incline, confident that it will stay right there. Below you will find some examples of what our customers have built using our castor wheels.

  • Making a movable BBQ
  • Making kitchen and service trolleys 
  • Constructing a movable workbench
  • Custom applications in a workshop or factory
  • Using it for mobile furniture
  • Building a wagon
  • Mobile parasol bases
  • Moving garden gate
  • Flower pots on wheels

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. And due to the mounting plate, virtually every DIY-er can use our castor wheels.

Ordering castor wheels

Order your fixed and swivelling wheels, with or without brake, at Wovar. Are you building your own furniture? Then also have a look at our large selection of furniture fixings, including cupboard handles, drawer knobs, and furniture legs. On top of that, you can find all the fasteners that you might need for building your unique piece of furniture at Wovar. You can order everything for your project conveniently in one place.

For businesses in the construction or landscaping sector, we offer even more advantages. Sign up for a free business account today.