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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Gate Latches and Bolts

Every garden door, fence, or gate is intended to close off your property or garden. This prevents people from just entering your property or walking into your backyard. Use bolts and/or latches to properly close your garden gate or fence. At Wovar you can choose from a huge variety of types and sizes of bolts and latches. This way you can always close your gate properly. Are you going for maximum safety in the backyard? Then you can install a gate lock with a cylinder, which you will find in the category gate locks. For a gate in your driveway, opt for a cane bolt or drop bar latch. You can easily install a gate latch or bolt yourself.

Come to us for your cane bolts, barrel bolts, drop bar latches, sliding bolts, and more. Latches and bolts complete your gate. On top of that, all our gate latches and bolts are available in several variants, so there is always one that fits your gate.


A cane bolt is an easy way to secure your garden door, gate, or fence. This bolt is a long bar that you attach to your gate. You pull it up, after which you can put it in the ground at the desired place. A luxury variant of the cane bolt is the monkey tail bolt. This bolt works the same, but has a slightly more elegant design. The end often has a round or triangular shape. Choose a black bolt, or the traditional galvanised version in grey. For a more compact shape, pick drop bolts.

If you prefer a latch or bolt that is installed higher up on the door, opt for a barrel bolt, sliding bolt, or lever gate latch. Some of our latches and bolts can be locked with a padlock for extra security. Install all these gate latches and bolts using our screws, available in black, galvanised and stainless steel.