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Wovar Gate Latches and Locks

Every garden door, fence or gate is intended to close off your property or garden. This prevents people from just entering your property or walking into your backyard. Use bolts and/or locks to properly close your garden gate or fence. At Wovar you can choose from a huge variety of types and sizes of bolts and locks. This way you can always close or close your gate properly. Are you going for maximum safety in the backyard? Then you can install a gate lock with a cylinder. For a gate in your driveway, choose a ground bolt or crossover bolt. You can easily install a gate lock yourself. Our hardwood drills always come in handy here.

You can come to us for your ground bolts, crash bars, bayonet bolts, door retainers, door stoppers, garden locks, gate locks, padlocks and latches. This makes your gate complete. Every type of gate lock is available with various alternatives. You can also simply order your barn door lock from Wovar.

The assembly of latches is very simple, so you can do it yourself. Do you want extra security? Then look for detailed instructions on our blog about mounting bolts.

Are you just starting your job and still need to make a garden door? We have also written a handy instruction for this in our blogs. You can find these on the page make your own garden door. You can use our gate frames for a quick and sturdy construction. You can combine this with one of our bolts or locks, but you can also opt for a full-fledged lock. You will find these with our built-in cylinder locks for garden doors.


A ground bolt is an easy way to secure your garden door, gate or fence. This latch is a long bar that you screw to your gate. Then you pull it up, after which you can put it in the ground at the desired place. A luxury variant of the ground bolt is the bayonet bolt. This latch works the same, but has a slightly more elegant design. The end often has a round or triangular shape. Choose a black bolt, or the traditional galvanized variant in gray. For a more compact shape, choose drop latches. An extra long latch is available in the form of tail latches. Install the latches using one of our screws, available in black, galvanized and stainless steel.

Secure a fence at your driveway or horse stable using crash bars. A variant of this is the transfer latch. This type of latch is easy to use, allowing you to open or close your gate or gate very quickly.


To lock your gate, a bolt alone is usually not enough. You can supplement this with a lock with a key. You can obtain a gate lock as a cellar band lock, but also as a complete door handle with cylinder lock. These are the aforementioned built-in cylinder locks, also available in stainless steel version against rust. So you can also use this safe lock in the open air, perfect for your fence or driveway. Some types of latches also have room for a padlock. For this we have included various padlocks in our range. You can place this on the bolt yourself, after which you click the lock shut. This way no one can open the lock unintentionally.