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Delivery between 2 and 5 business days throughout Europe!
The premium brand for screws and bolts
No less than 100 days right of return

Wovar Concrete drills

Do you need to drill holes in hard stone or concrete? With the Wovar concrete drills, drilling in concrete and hard stone is no problem at all! That is why these drills are also called masonry drills, so they are suitable for stone walls to concrete floors.

Wovar concrete drills are standard drills with a very hard point and a round attachment. The handy thing about these concrete drills is that they fit on almost every standard drilling machine thanks to the round mounting. The hard drill head makes it possible to drill through hard concrete. Depending on your machine, it will become apparent whether you can actually drill through the hard material. For example, you should use a heavier impact drill with extremely hard concrete or stone. We recommend using an SDS-plus drill for drilling in extremely hard surfaces. This includes our hammer drills SDS-plus.

Note: Because these concrete drills are intended for hard surfaces, soft stones such as brick can break if you use these concrete drills on the impact position in combination with an impact drill. We recommend using our masonry drills.

Wovar concrete drills can therefore be used for almost any type of stone. As described above, you should be careful when drilling in soft stones such as brick. There is a chance that the brick will break when you start drilling on the hammer setting.

Concrete drills universal

Because the Wovar concrete drills can be used for so many different types of stone and concrete, they are also called universal concrete drills. The round attachment of these masonry drills also universally honors the name concrete drill. As a result, the drills fit on almost every drill. Concrete drills are widely used to pre-drill our nylon plugs. You can also easily order these concrete drills when you want to anchor objects with our concrete screws.

How do I choose the right thickness concrete drill for my job?

Choosing the right diameter of your concrete drill is easier than you think. Are you going to anchor something to the wall using our nylon plugs? Then take the same diameter drill as the dimater of the plug. For our 6 x 30 mm plugs, take our 6 x 100 mm concrete drill and for our 8 x 40 mm plugs, choose our 8 x 120 mm concrete drill. The same applies to our concrete screws. The first number indicates the thickness of the drill bits and the second number indicates the length in mm.

The same rule applies to pre-drilling concrete screws as with our plugs. The thickness of the drill is equal to the thickness of the concrete screw. Do you want to use our concrete screws 8 x 60 mm? Then take the concrete drill 8 x 120 mm. Wovar is your online drill shop with advice and a wide choice of drills for concrete and stone walls.

Buy concrete drills for stone and concrete for business

Discover the Wovar online drill shop. Order the high-quality concrete drills universal from Wovar. With an order of 10 equal drill bits you will benefit from our volume discount. Do you often need masonry drills or other screws/hardware? Companies in the construction, DIY and landscape gardening sector benefit from extra benefits with a business account. As a returning 'construction' company you will receive a discount and your own contact person. In addition to masonry drills, you will also find 1001 other screws, plugs, bolts and hardware in the Wovar webshop.

Are these concrete drills not quite what you are looking for? View all our drills and bits. Wovar also supplies high-quality hardwood drills, metal drills, spade drills and auger drills for wood.