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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Frequently asked questions

Masonry Drill Bits

Do you need to drill holes in stone or concrete? With Wovar’s masonry drill bits, this is no problem. Wovar offers various types of masonry and concrete drill bits, including SDS+ 2 and 4 cutter bits. Masonry drill bits are also called concrete drill bits or hammer drill bits, as they can drill through concrete and tend to be used with a hammer drill.

Using a masonry drill bit

Wovar’s regular masonry drill bits are regular drill bits with an extra hard tip and a round shank. The round shank allows you to use the drill bit for virtually any regular power drill. The hard, carbide tip enables drilling in brick, block, and stone. A regular masonry drill bit is not suitable for drilling in hard or reinforced concrete. Use an SDS masonry drill bit for these situations.

SDS drill bits for concrete

For drilling in concrete or reinforced concrete, the best drill bits to use are SDS drill bits. You can recognise these bits by the slots in the shank of the drill bit. The slots lock in the chuck of the drill, so the drill bit cannot simply slide out. Because a hammer drill makes rotary motions as well as hammer motions, the drill bit experiences extra force. This extra power allows you to drill through solid concrete easier. This is why we will always recommend SDS drill bits with a hammer drill.

SDS drill bits 2 and 4 cutter

Most people know the SDS plus masonry drill bit with 2 cutter edges. In addition to this option, Wovar also offers an SDS+ masonry drill bit with 4 cutter edges. The 4-cutter has a longer lifespan than the 2-cutter. On top of that, the 4-cutter can drill more precise holes in concrete.

Note: Because these SDS masonry drill bits are meant for hard surfaces, softer types of stone, like brick, might break when you use these drill bits with the hammer function of the drill. Most hammer drills have the option to deactivate the hammer function and work with just the rotary setting. If your hammer drill does not have this option, we recommend using our regular masonry drill bits.

Universal masonry drill bits

Our regular masonry drill bits could also be called universal masonry drill bits. This is because the round shank of these drill bits fit almost all power drills. Added to that, our collection of masonry drill bits allows you to drill in almost all types of stone and concrete. 

How do I choose the right masonry drill bit for my project?

Picking the right diameter for your drill bit is easier than you might think. Masonry drill bits are typically used with nylon wall plugs, anchor bolts, or concrete screws. Are you going to anchor something to the wall using nylon wall plugs? Then take the same diameter drill bit as the diameter of the plug. For example, with a 6 x 30 mm plug, take a 6 x 100 mm drill bit, and with an 8 x 40 mm plug, opt for an 8 x 120 mm drill bit. The first number tells you the width in mm of the plug/drill bit, the second gives the length of the plug/drill bit. The same principle applies to using concrete screws. 

Ordering masonry drill bits

Explore our wide range of masonry drill bits, as well as other types of drill bits. Are you a professional in the construction or landscaping industry? Wovar’s business clients enjoy many benefits with a free business account.

Are masonry drill bits not exactly what you are looking for? Check out our other drills and bits, including spade drill bits, metal drill bits, auger drill bits, and much more.