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Looking for nails? Wovar has an extensive range of galvanised and stainless steel nails. For example, you will find round head nails on a roll in our range. The shank of these nails is threaded or ribbed, whereas regular stainless steel nails have a straight shank. These are made of hard-drawn wire, which produces nails with a high tensile strength and a low chance of warping. On top of this, we offer flat head nails, clout nails, and wire mesh panel clips.

Are nails not suitable for your job? Then take a look at our screws or bolts . Here you will find a vast selection of alternatives. 

Buying nails

Order your nails from Wovar today! Companies in the construction and landscaping sectors enjoy extra benefits, such as a business discount, with a free business account.

Don't forget to check out our popular garden screws and coach bolts. All our screws and bolts are available in galvanised, stainless steel, and black, and in various sizes.