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Built-in Cylinder Locks for Garden Doors

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Built-in Cylinder Locks for Garden Doors

Wovar supplies door locks for garden gates, fence doors, and more! You can choose from stainless steel built-in cylinder locks, straight or with a round rosette. Wovar also supplies beautiful black built-in cylinder locks. These are available in 3 different types, namely with straight door fittings, oval door fittings and with round rosette. The black built-in cylinder locks have a high-quality powder coating with high wear resistance. Additionally, with the separate cylinder locks you can provide multiple doors with the same lock and therefore use the same key. This way you avoid an overfull bunch of keys!

In addition to built-in cylinder locks for patio doors, Wovar also sells mortise locks and security locks with matching door handles and door fittings. Choose a barrel lock, cabinet lock, or day and night locks. When replacing the door fittings, consider our line of toilet door fittings, door fittings on plate, or door fittings on rosette. We also supply separate door handles, door shields, and rosettes.

The latch bolt of the high-quality stainless steel built-in cylinder locks can be turned left and right. It therefore does not matter which direction of rotation your fence door has. You can easily adjust the locks by pressing the pin on the back of the lock with a small screwdriver. As a result, the lock piece protrudes slightly so that you can adjust it to the correct direction of rotation.

All Wovar built-in cylinder locks are made of stainless steel. As a result, the locks do not rust and are extremely suitable for garden doors. These gate door locks fit perfectly in fence doors with a steel frame with end plank. Wovar also supplies iron door frames, including lock case.

Ordering Cylinder Locks for Garden Doors

Order your built-in cylinder locks in stainless steel and in black for the lowest price at Wovar. Construction, Handyman, and Landscaping companies benefit from additional benefits with a business account.

Do you need more garden door fittings? Choose our beautiful hinge hooks and hinges to complete your order. You are also at the right place at Wovar for other locks, door fittings, window fittings and, for example, hinges for doors. We also supply side gates, espagnolettes, door closers, and sash fittings for interior doors.