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Black Post Caps

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Black Post Caps

Looking for a black post cap for your fence or deck posts? Black post caps provide a luxurious appearance and at the same time protect your wooden posts against moisture and wood rot. Stagnant rainwater on wooden posts can cause fungi, which can damage the post. The use of a post cap is therefore very sensible if you want to extend the life of your wooden poles. 

At Wovar you can choose between black post caps in a pyramid shape and in a ball top shape. The pyramid model looks very modern and sleek. The ball top version, on the other hand, looks a bit more classic and more elegant. You can decide for yourself which shape best suits your style. Both models are easy to attach with 2 screws or 2 nails. Press the cap onto the wooden post and simply screw or nail it on both sides. Would you rather not use screws or nails? Which can! You can also use adhesive kit to secure the post caps.

In addition to black post ornaments, at Wovar you can also choose from stainless steel post caps and galvanised post caps . You can find all types in the total range of post caps.

With black post caps, you are assured of modern, high-quality post caps. The black coating also protects the cap against rust. Black post caps are available from Wovar in various shapes. You can choose between the sleek pyramid shape and the chic ball top shape. You can of course also choose from different sizes. So, there is sure to be a suitable black post cap for every wooden post.

Attaching a Black Post Cap

The square post caps are easy to attach to fence or deck posts. You can choose to screw on the post cap. For that, first, pre-drill the wood with a hardwood drill. You can order these directly from our line of hardwood drill bits. You can of course also choose to nail down the hats. Prefer not to use screws or nails? Then you can also fasten the post cap with a bit of adhesive sealant. Apply the sealant all the way around the inside of the cap and press it down onto the wooden post. 

Buying Black Post Caps

Buy your black post caps now for an affordable price at Wovar! Do you have your own Handyman or construction company, or are you a landscape gardener? Then create a business account.

Are you looking for a different shape or different type of material for your post cap? At Wovar you can also find stainless steel post caps and black post caps. You will find all these types in our total range of post caps.