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UV-Resistant House Wraps

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UV-Resistant House Wraps

Are you looking for a black water-resistant UV-resistant house wraps (insulation rolls) for your open facade cladding? This black house wrap is suitable as a vapor-permeable water barrier behind an open facade cladding. You can order the house wrap (insulation) in full rolls of 1.5 meters wide and choose between lengths of 25 meters and 50 meters. There are two variants of house wraps. Namely the standard UV-resistant black house wrap, and the house wrap with self-adhesive strips. These are also called UV-resistant self-adhesive house wraps.

The official names of our water-resistant and UV-resistant house wraps are the Wovar House Wrap and the Wovar House Wrap PLUS; with the PLUS version providing 2 adhesive strips for the purpose of sticking the overlap.

Do not forget to order our adhesive for roofing felt and house wraps with our house wraps without adhesive strips. This Wovar house (insulation) wrap is water-resistant and vapor-permeable. Vapor-permeable house wraps protect your wall against water and moisture from the outside. But, it also ensures that condensation that forms between the cavity due to the change in temperatures does have the chance to evaporate.

Water and UV-Resistant House Wraps

This water-resistant and UV-resistant House (Insulation) Wraps from Wovar are suitable for facades that are not completely closed. It is important, however, that the open joints between the facade cladding are not larger than 20 mm. In addition, the total number of mm that is open over the entire facade must also be taken into account. When using this UV-resistant fhouse wrap, this may not be more than 20% per square meter of the total facade. So with a facade of 500 cm long, a maximum of 100 cm may consist of open joints, seams or grooves in your facade cladding.

Wovar supplies a total of 2 different variants of black UV-resistant house wraps. Namely the standard variant and the variant with 2 self-adhesive strips for the overlap gluing. This is also called self-adhesive, but it is not in its entirety. The official name of our water-resistant and UV-resistant facade foil is Wovar House Wrap. The self-adhesive version is officially called Wovar House Wrap PLUS.

Installing the UV Resistant House Wraps yourself

Installing the standard UV-resistant house wraps, so without self-adhesive strips, is done with our special adhesive for black roof and house wraps. The Wovar adhesive for roof and house wraps is a solvent-free contact sealant. This is super easy to apply using a caulking gun. When gluing, always ensure an overlap of at least 10 cm. Overlap draining from the facade in a weathered manner. So, the top sheet of foil over the bottom one with 10 cm overlap.

Always secure the house wrap with stainless steel staples, preferably on a hard flat surface construction. Apply an adhesive strip to the sub-construction 60 cm. Permanent fastening of the wrap must always take place with a vertical timber rail. Provide the rail on the inside with self-adhesive batten tape to prevent watering through the fastening screws. On this line / battens you finally attach the facade timber parts with an open joint.

Horizontal and Vertical Cladding

Vertically laid open house wraps should always be fitted with a double substructure, for correct drainage of rainwater over the facade. Horizontally mounted house wraps can be installed to the rear construction with only a vertical timber batten. All overlaps must always be glued for correct sealing of the facade.

Installing House Wraps with Adhesive Strips (Self-Adhesive)

With self-adhesive UV-resistant house wraps, not the entire wrap is self-adhesive. This variant is also called the Wovar House Wrap PLUS. The Wovar House Wrap PLUS is provided with 2x an adhesive strip for the overlap gluing. An adhesive strip on both the front and the back, for the overlap bonding, place the adhesive strips on top of each other. It is advisable to always apply the wrap horizontally with a lid overlap of the wrap, so the top sheet of the wrap over the bottom one, with 10 cm overlap. Then you are always ensured good drainage, and rainwater can never run behind the wrap. This way you can also stick the adhesive strips together with the PLUS version perfectly for a correct seal.

How should I Install UV Resistant House Wraps to a Stone Exterior Wall?

To place our UV-resistant house wrap on a stone exterior wall, you mount wooden battens on the brick wall. The wrap can then be stapled to this frame with stainless steel staples. Make sure that stapling is possible every 60 cm. You fix the wooden framework to the wall using our hammer plugs or frame plugs.

For an attractive result without folds, always place a hard surface behind the house wrap.

Also Order Screw Nails for Cladding Wood Installation

Wovar also supplies stainless steel screw nails for attaching your wooden facade cladding to rafters. Choose from round head nails on a roll or loose in a box. Always make sure that the ball head of these nails is on the wood and that you do not hit it into the wood. The length of your screw nails is always 2.5 times the plank thickness. So for 18 mm thick rhombus battens, choose ribbed nails of at least 4.5 cm.

Features of the Wovar UV-Resistant House Wrap for open Facade Cladding

Wovar house wrapsl are provided with CE marking and fire class B-s1,d0 according to EN 13501-1. The outdoor exhibition is unprotected for a maximum of 9 months. In addition, the temperature resistance of this Wovar house wrap is -40°C | +100°C.

Ordering UV-Resistant House (Insulation) Wraps

Order UV-Resistant House Wraps from Wovar in self-adhesive, or non-self-adhesive, in rolls of 25 or 50 meters. Construction companies, DIY companies and gardeners benefit from additional benefits with a business account.

Is this house wrap not quite what you are looking for? View all our UV-Resistant house wraps. Do you get a facade that is completely closed without seams? Then use our vapor-permeable foil for closed roof and wall.