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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Heavy Galvanised Shelf Brackets

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Heavy Galvanised Shelf Brackets

Do you want to order very strong shelf brackets? Wovar supplies heavy galvanised shelf brackets with braces for the lowest price. Mounting the Wovar shelf brackets is very easy. The screw holes have a diameter of approximately 9 mm. Attach the shelf bracket to your wall using our Pozi drive screws 5 x 50 mm. To anchor the screws in brick, you can also order our nylon plug 8 x 40 mm. Drill a 50 mm deep hole in the stone. Fill the holes with the plugs and screw on the shelf brackets. It is recommended to place shelf brackets a maximum of 60 cm apart. In this way, a high load-bearing capacity is maintained.

In addition to our galvanised shelf supports, Wovar also supplies white shelf brackets, aluminum shelf brackets, industrial shelf brackets, black metal shelf brackets, leather shelf brackets, and floating shelf brackets.

The mounting holes on the long side of the shelf brackets have a diameter of 7 mm. You simply screw the planks with our 4.0 mm thick galvanised pozidriv screws. you determine the length of the screw depending on the plank thickness. The head of our Pozi drive screws is wide enough to firmly tighten your shelves. Pozidrive screws from Wovar connect nicely to the shelf brackets, creating a neat finish.

Order the universal heavy shelf brackets at Wovar. Construction and Handyman companies receive extra benefits with a business account.