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Wovar Construction Lag Screws

These construction lag screws are also called the successor of the coach screws. After all, thanks to the Torx 40 head, these can be processed faster. More and more handymen are discovering this screw when building canopies and verandas from Larch Douglas or impregnated wood. Construction lag screws are also known as cup head screws, wood construction screws, or pan head screws. Due to the large disc head, these screws also provide great clamping capacity and an enormous support surface, ideal for wooden constructions. Choose from galvanized construction lag screws, these are stronger than stainless steel but can oxidize slightly over time.

Wovar supplies wood construction screws made of blue galvanized, yellow galvanized, and stainless steel everywhere in Europe and beyond! You will also find coated wood construction screws for use in tannic-acid woods such as Oak, Garapa, and Red Cedar. In addition to construction lag screws, you have also come to the right place for carriage bolts at Wovar!

Wovar has 5 different types of construction lag screws, namely zinc-plated construction lag screws, yellow zinc-plated construction lag screws, stainless steel construction lag screws, black construction lag screws, and coated construction lag screws.

Zinc Plated Construction Lag Screws

Wovar supplies construction lag screws of galvanized steel and stainless steel A2 quality. The zinc-plated lag screws are stronger than stainless steel construction lag screws. Galvanized wood construction screws are therefore recommended for heavier constructions. Zinc plated construction lag screws may oxidize slightly if damaged. Therefore, use the high-quality Torx 40 bits from Wovar for mounting. These have a perfect fit on the wood construction screws and therefore extra grip when screwing in. Using bits with a perfect fit reduces the chance of the construction lag screws being damaged when screwing in. For extra comfort when installing our wood construction screws, Wovar recommends our magnetic bit holder with 2 free TX 40 bits

Stainless Steel Construction Lag Screws

Stainless steel construction lag screws are more suitable for less taxing constructions such as a lean-to or woodshed. With stainless steel wood construction screws, you can be sure that you will not suffer from oxidation. Stainless steel A2 steel is softer than galvanized steel. As a result, the stainless steel construction lag screws have less strength than galvanized construction lag screws. The screws have a handy cutting type 17 auger point. Because stainless steel construction lag screws are softer than galvanized construction lag screws, pre-drilling is recommended. This is easy with our  6 mm hardwood drill bits.

Discover the construction lag screws from premium brand Wovar! Many wood construction projects opt for construction lag screws with Torx head. This allows you to work much faster than with coach screws. Additionally, Wovar construction lag screws with Torx are available in sizes up to 30 cm. The wood construction screw has an oblique angle screw thread. This makes it easier to screw the screw through the wood. Additionally, construction lag screws with a flat head can be neatly concealed in your material.

Construction lag screws of stainless steel A2 quality are extremely suitable for constructions with oak wood. Oak contains very harsh tannic acids. This can affect galvanized wood construction screws. This does not have any effect though on our stainless steel construction lag screws! 

Yellow Zinc Plated Construction Lag Screws

Yellow zinc-plated construction lag screws match better with the color of Douglas Fir wood. In terms of strength, the construction lag screws are equal. Yellow zinc-plated construction lag screws are slightly better protected against rust and oxidation. This is due to the yellow zinc coating.


Black Construction Lag Screws

Looking for construction lag screws that are black? Then you have come to the right place at Wovar. The black construction lag screws are simply our strong yellow galvanized construction lag screws, but their head is provided with a beautiful black coating. In addition to being extremely strong, the yellow galvanized layer also makes them more rust-resistant.

Coated Construction Lag Screws for Hardwood

Do you use hardwood and do you want to be sure that you are using the correct screws? Wovar's coated wood construction screws have an additional protective AR coating. This protects the construction lag screws against the tannic acid that is in these hardwoods. The head of the construction lag screws has a coating that is made up of different layers so that the screw has a recovering capacity. This creates a permanent protection against corrosion. 

Video: Assembling Angled Struts for a Canopy with Construction Lag Screws

Construction Lag Screws Ordered Today, Delivered Fast to your Home Right Away!

Order these galvanized construction lag screws now from premium brand Wovar. We supply private individuals, timber traders, gardeners, construction companies, carpentry companies, and other handymen. With a business account, these companies in the wood, construction, and garden industry receive additional benefits such as extra discounts.

Are you building a roof? Take a look at our handy beam brackets or joist hangers. Do you want to assemble wood to stone? Choose to use our high-quality hammer fixings or frame fixings.

Watch our video about Wovar Construction Lag Screws here