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Wafer head screws are long screws with a wide head that are most commonly used for securing wood. Think of canopies, porches, or cabins. Due to the wide screw head, wafer head wood screws have a high clamp force and large bearing surface. Wafer head screws are also referred to as washer head screws, construction lag screws, and structural screws. Wafer head screws are seen as the replacement of coach screws because they are much easier to use. The screws have a deep Torx drive and have a sharp thread-cutting point, so they easily cut into the wood.

For wafer head screws, it is important to know that the screw needs to go a minimum of 5 cm into the support beam or post. For example, if you want to join a 10 cm beam to a support beam, you need a 150 mm wafer head screw.

Note: this is the minimum length for the screw. You cannot go wrong with using a screw that is a bit longer, so you can be flexible with the length. In short, the calculation for the length of the wafer head screw is: thickness of the wood + 5 cm.

When you are using hardwood beams, it is important to pre-drill the holes. Use a drill bit that is 2 mm thinner than the wafer head screw. For example, for a wafer head screw of 6 mm, pre-drill with a drill bit of 4 mm. Do you need to drill deep holes? Then use auger drill bits. Additionally, for joining beams thicker than 80 mm, we recommend pre-drilling to prevent the screw from going in at an angle.

The wide head of the wafer head screw creates the high clamp force. The rule is: the thicker the screw, the wider the head. The first number in the title is the thickness of the screw. For example, an 8.0 x 150 mm screw has a thickness of 8 mm. A small overview:

 Thickness wafer head screw

Width screw head
 6 mm  14 mm
 8 mm  22 mm
 10 mm  25 mm 

Wafer head screws are available in grey galvanised steel, yellow galvanised steel, stainless steel, and with a special coating for hardwood. The yellow galvanised screw is also available with a black head, so you can also find black galvanised screws. These screws are made for when you are working with black wood. When do you use the other screws?

Stainless steel wafer head screws are for projects that do not ask too much of the screw. With stainless steel screws, you are guaranteed that the screws will not rust, making them perfect for humid rooms and outdoor projects. Because these screws are a bit softer, we recommend pre-drilling the wood.

Wafer head screws made from galvanised steel are often used for heavy structures, because they are incredibly strong. You only need to pay attention that you do not damage the screw, since this can result in oxidation in the long term. Yellow galvanised screws are slightly stronger and more rust-resistant than grey galvanised screws.

Coated wafer head screws are coated with a special AR-coating. This coating protects the screw against the tannic acid in wood species like red cedar, oak, and garapa. An extremely strong screw with a protective layer.

Countersinking wafer head screws is made easy with spade drill bits. The size of the spade drill bit is determined by the size of the screw head. A 6 mm construction lag screw needs a 14 mm spade drill bit, an 8 mm screw needs a 22 mm drill bit, and a 10 mm screw needs a 25 mm drill bit.

Carefully drill a few millimetres into the wood and the wafer head screw will sink in perfectly.

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Wafer Head Screws

These wafer head screws can be seen as the successor of the coach screws. This is because the Torx 40 drive allows you to work a lot faster. These wood screws are also referred to as washer head screws, construction lag screws, and structural screws. Due to the large head, the load is distributed evenly, and the screws have a high clamping range, which is ideal for wooden structures. More and more people are discovering these screws for building, for example, pergolas or sheds. 

Wafer head screws in all shapes and sizes

Wovar offers wafer head screws in galvanized steel, yellow galvanized steel, A2 and A4 stainless steel, coated steel, and with a black head. Coated screws are screws made specifically for use with wood types that contain tannic acid, such as oak, garapa, and red cedar wood. Further on, we will explain more about all the different types of screws we offer.

Stainless steel vs galvanized steel wood screws

Wovar offers these wood screws in galvanized steel, A2 stainless steel, and A4 stainless steel. Screws made from galvanized steel are stronger than those made from stainless steel. It is therefore recommended to use galvanized screws for heavier structures. However, galvanized screws are zinc plated, and when this zinc layer is damaged, they can oxidise. When used correctly, the likelihood of damaging this layer is significantly decreased. For example, use the correct torx 40 bits. By using screwdriver bits that fit the drive head exactly, you lower the chance of scratching the zinc layer. 

Stainless steel wood screws are better suited for lighter structures, such as a small shed or log store. Stainless steel is softer than galvanized steel, which means they are not as strong. Because of this, we recommend pre-drilling. The big advantage of stainless steel screws is that they do not rust. Additionally, while the tannic acids in, for example, oak affect galvanized screws, this is not the case for stainless steel screws. 

A2 and A4 stainless steel

Both A2 and A4 stainless steel screws are corrosion resistant. The main difference between the two types of steel is in the composition. Because A4 stainless steel has a slightly different composition than A2 stainless steel, it is even more corrosion resistant. This makes A4 stainless steel fasteners especially popular in coastal regions and for marine purposes. A4 stainless steel screws are also slightly stronger than A2 stainless steel screws.

Discover the strength and efficiency of Wovar’s wafer head wood screws. These screws are available with torx drive and can be as long as 40 cm. The sharp cutting tip and diagonal threading make it easy to drive the screws into the wood. 

Yellow galvanized wafer head screws

Yellow galvanized wafer head screws blend in better with larch or Douglas wood. Compared to regular, grey galvanized screws, there is no difference in strength. The yellow galvanized screws are slightly better protected against corrosion thanks to the yellow zinc layer.

Black wafer head screws

Looking for screws that match your black hardware or black wood? Then our black wafer head screws might be just what you need. The screws are made of yellow galvanized steel, but the head is covered with a beautiful, black coating. These screws have the strength that comes with galvanized steel and the increased protection of yellow galvanized steel, finished off with a sleek, black coating.

Coated wood screws for hardwood

When you are working with hardwood, you want to be sure that you are using the correct screws. Wovar’s coated wafer head screws have received an extra AR-coating. This coating protects the screw against the tannic acid present in hardwood.  The coating consists of several layers, which means the coating can fix itself when damaged. This creates permanent protection against corrosion as well as tannic acid. Combined with the strength of galvanized steel, these screws are perfect for heavy, hardwood structures.

Buy wafer head screws

Order wafer head wood screws in galvanized steel, stainless steel, or with a black head. If you require a large number of screws for your project or job, take advantage of our volume discount. Businesses in the construction and landscaping sector enjoy even more benefits with a free business account.

Whether you are going to build a small log store or a large pergola with these wood screws, we also offer the other hardware you might need for your project. Explore our wide range of fasteners, including wall plugs, anchors and brackets, including pergola brackets, and tools, including hardwood drill bits.