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Are you planning to create a completely new garden, or redesign or expand your current garden? Then you have come to the right place at Wovar. Whether you are going to create a front garden with a beautiful gravel path and grass mats, or create a seating area with a roof. At Wovar you have many options. Making a garden border is very easy with the help of our garden edging, giving you a beautiful result. Provide a beautiful seating area with a fence louver, using our flex fence louver systems.

Flex Fence Louver Systems

Do you want to place fence louvers in your garden? With our flex fence stainless steel rails, you can do this in a very nice way. Our rails are 50 cm, 95 cm, 165 cm, and 220 cm long. By placing lumber boards in the brackets on the rails, you can easily make your own fence louver or even a louvered awning. The rails are made of stainless steel, so they do not rust. You can combine these rails with the boards of your choice. This way you can make beautiful black fence louvers, white fence louvers, or any other colour imaginable. Shortening the boards is also an option if you want to make a different size. Place the railing horizontally or vertically, and form a beautiful louver shutter for your garden.

Garden Edging

We have various sizes for your choice of corten steel border edging, but Wovar also has plastic garden edging. Corten steel is a sustainable product for use in gardening because of its special treatment that gives it a rusty colour. If you prefer not to have rusty edging, then choose one of our other steel garden edgings, such as galvanized steel edging in grey, or our black model, with a thick powder coating. Our plastic garden edging is available in green, black, and grey. For a more natural look, opt for one of our wooden edging rolls. You could also try our grass border garden edging.

Shade Sails

There is nothing better than enjoying warm temperatures in your garden. However, when the temperature is too high, it is nice to sit in the shade. Shade sails have been created for this purpose. You can place a shade sail in almost any place. We have a wide range of shade sail mounting hardware for this. A shade sail in your backyard provides cooling on those blistering hot days. Compared to a parasol, a sunshade has many advantages. The main difference is that you can sit anywhere under the sail. With a parasol, you always sit with an inconvenient pole right in the middle. Umbrellas are often too small, and you have to move them. You can mount the shade sail in a perfect position, and simply enjoy it.

Corten Steel Planters

Corten steel is extremely popular because of the unique look that this metal brings to your garden. The rusty colour gives a natural look to your space. Due to the great popularity of corten steel garden edging, a planter is now also available in this unique metal. A garden with a farmhouse atmosphere is best complimented by using Corten steel. These flower boxes are suitable for all your plants and other garden needs. 

Tree Bands

Are you looking for a sturdy band for trees? Wovar has different types and sizes of tree bands with which you can use to support a tree. This way, you are always sure of a tree that remains stable and upright. Would you prefer a rubber tree band, or a nylon tree band? For vulnerable trees, there is even a tree band with a foam layer, which offers extra protection.

Rubber Playground Tiles

Do you have playground equipment around your home? Then it is a reassuring to know that your children can play safely without getting hurt. To do this, place play tiles under the playground equipment. These rubber tiles provide a safe fall height of approximately 1 meter. Because these fall cushioning tiles have a high wear resistance and density, you can enjoy their protection for years. You can also easily cut playground tiles to size, so you can always have a suitable surface for playground equipment. Additionally, you can use these rubber tiles to lay a terrace on a roof. The applications of a rubber tile are almost endless.

Roof Windows

Do you have a luxury roof or fixed canopy? Adding a window is a great option to get some extra light in. Wovar has steel windows for fixed canopies as a ready-made product. You can easily install these windows on your roof as, for example, a skylight. These roof windows are also very suitable for placing in your home or an outbuilding. The windows are made with double glazing and filled seams, so you are not bothered by drafts. Choose a closed window or a tilting window that you can open for fresh air.