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Industrial Shelf Brackets

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Industrial Shelf Brackets

Looking for exclusive shelf brackets that will immediately make any room in your home stylish? Wovar's industrial shelf brackets have a matte black premium coating, which makes them resistant to extreme conditions. This allows you to use them both indoors and outdoors. All our industrial shelf brackets are supplied in complete sets of 2, with all necessary mounting materials. The shelf brackets are made of steel, which makes them extremely strong when installed correctly.

In addition, they are provided with the correct mounting holes, which makes it easy to attach these industrial shelf brackets. After mounting the industrial shelf brackets, you simply place a shelf of a maximum of 20 cm wide and 4 cm thick on the brackets.

They can be installed in wood, brick, and concrete. Do you mount them on wood? Then place the screws directly through the shelf brackets into the wood. Do you place them on stone or concrete? Then drill a hole and place the supplied plugs in it. In both cases, the industrial shelf brackets give a rough, tough look to your interior, or to any other place.

Wovar's industrial shelf brackets are delivered throughout Europe within one working week. Looking for a different kind of shelf bracket? Then view our black metal shelf brackets, white metal shelf brackets, aluminum shelf brackets, floating shelf brackets, and even leather shelf brackets!

An emerging trend in many living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and outdoor areas: the industrial shelf bracket. Industrial shelf brackets are distinguished by their appearance and are therefore extremely popular. The industrial shelf brackets are available from Wovar in two different sizes: 150 x 200 mm and 200 x 250 mm. They are supplied with all necessary mounting materials: screws 6 x 40 mm TX30, 8 x 40 plugs and a handy torx bit. Both variants differ greatly in design, which we explain below.

Industrial L-shaped Black Shelf Bracket

The 150 x 200 mm is an L-shaped shelf bracket that does not stand out completely, because the shelf bracket partly falls exactly under the shelf. The part that sits against the wall, on the other hand, stands out nicely, where the premium matte black coating comes into its own. This shelf bracket in matt black has two mounting holes of 7 mm, which makes it easy to mount the shelf support.

Robust Industrial Shelf Bracket

The other variant, the 200 x 250 mm, is a more striking shelf bracket due to its robust appearance. The industrial shelf bracket has a graceful 4 cm thick steel section that falls over the shelf and looks beautiful. You can easily mount the shelf bracket on the wall thanks to its handy mounting hole at the top. You can choose which screws to mount the shelf, because the set contains both black screws and dark gray AR (anti-rust coating) screws.

Attaching Industrial Shelf Brackets

Mounting these shelf brackets is easier than you think and we explain it below in clear steps. The way of mounting depends very much on the surface on which you mount the shelf bracket. Are you mounting these on wood? Then you can fix the screws 6 x 40 mm directly through the mounting hole of the shelf bracket in the wood. Note: do you attach these to hardwood? Then make sure that you pre-drill the wood with a 4 mm hardwood drill. You will find these under our hardwood drills category.

Mounting on Brick or Concrete Walls

Are you installing the shelf bracket in a stone or concrete wall? Then follow these steps:

  • First, determine the position of the shelf bracket, hold it against the wall, and check whether this is the right place;
  • After finding the correct spot, hold the shelf bracket in place and mark the mounting holes with a carpenter's pencil. You will find these among our hand tools;
  • Drill a hole 40 mm deep with an 8 mm concrete drill, which you will find under our concrete drills;
  • Insert the supplied 8 x 40 nylon pugs into the drilled hole;
  • Hold the shelf bracket in place and insert the screws 6 x 40 mm Torx 30 through the shelf bracket into the plug;
  • Tighten the screws with a cordless drill and the supplied Torx 30 bit. For easy mounting, use a magnetic bit holder, which can be found under our bits;
  • When both shelf brackets are on the wall, place the shelf on top. Please note: the shelf may be a maximum of 20 cm wide and 4 cm thick, otherwise it will not fit in these shelf brackets;
  • Decorate the shelf with your own stuff and you're done.

Keep in mind that if you want to place a longer shelf, you will also need more shelf brackets. We recommend installing a shelf bracket for every 50 cm plank. Do you want to install a plank of 2 meters long? Then use a total of 4 shelf brackets.

Buying Industrial Shelf Brackets

Make your choice from the different types of Wovar rural shelf brackets and order these for a competitive price. Construction, Handyman, or Landscaping companies receive extra business discounts with a business account.

Looking for a different kind of shelf bracket? View our entire range of shelf brackets. Here you will find, among other things, black metal shelf brackets, white metal shelf brackets, and heavily galvanised shelf brackets , for extra heavy loads.