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Wovar secures your task, whenever and wherever!

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Professional handyman or first time DIY, Wovar is the premium brand screws and fasteners that you are looking for. We sell Premium quality stainless steel 410 decking screws, and garden screws. In addition we offer all sizes of carriage bolts (also in black), superb quality drills, galvanized and stainless steel counter-head screws (also called dish-head screws), corrugated sheet screws, shelf supports, post holders, deck supports, chipboard screws, self-tapping screws, border edges, door handles and door fittings, windows for roofing and much more! Wovar is also the place to be for  invisible beam supports and harmonica shade cloths!

Looking to supply your company with our products? Wovar offers amazing discounts to  DIY companies, construction companies, furniture makers, entrepreneurs in the timber trade and local gardeners who are registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Register through the site as a commercial partner and receive a discount of 15% on your total order. for Orders in Europe are generally delivered between 2 and 5 business days.

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We live and breathe our slogan: "Wovar secures it, whenever and wherever". In short, we supply quality screws and hardware for an attractive price. Popular among Wovar's customers are our Torx counter-head screws for, among others, Larch Douglas wood and our stainless steel decking screws for hardwood and softwood. This makes your wood construction job just as faster than working with wood thread bolts. We are also known for our wide choice of lock bolts from galvanized to black sprayed in all kinds of (long) sizes.

Planning to build a deck or fill the border with gravel? Consider also ordering cut-to-size root cloth through our webshop.

More and more companies and handymen are discovering screws and other hardware types provided by Wovar. Do you need screws and hardware on a more regular basis? Then create a business account, which will grant you extra discounts.

We at Wovar have cemented ourselves in the hardware market by providing high quality products at an attractive price. Do you have questions, or would you like to know more about Wovar? Don't hesitate to contact us.