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  • Orders within europe delivered between 2 and 5 business days

Wovar secures it, time and again!

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Why choose Wovar:

Why choose Wovar:

  • Attractive prices More affordable than hardware stores
  • Fast delivery, within 1 week! Delivered straight to your home in 2-5 business days
  • High Quality Premium-brand for hardware and DIY materials
  • Safe and Trustworthy Keep your product for 100 days before you need to return it!

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More and more Handyman companies, gardeners and timber merchants are choosing Wovar because

  1. Extra discount for large consumers;
  2. Direct contact with a trained specialist;
  3. Express deliveries possible;
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Wovar is the better brand specialized in screws and other fasteners for the daily (outdoor) handyman. For example, choose from A-quality Stainless Steel 410 Deck Screws or our High-Quality 4 x 50 mm garden screws. In addition, we have all sizes of Carriage Bolts (also in black), top quality drills, galvanized and stainless steel Flangehead Screws (also called Wood Contsruction Screws), Corrugated Sheet Screws, Shelf Supports, Post Holders, Terrace Supports, Chipboard Screws, Self-Tapping Screws, Border Edges, Door Handles and Door Fittings, Windows for Roofs, and much more! Also, for Hammer Plugs, Wedge Bolts, Invisible Beam Carriers, Plate Thumbs, Harmonica Shade Cloths, and LED Lighting, Wovar is the right place for you!

Open a Business Account at Wovar

Companies get extra benefits at Wovar. We mainly supply screws and hardware to DIY companies, construction companies, furniture makers, wood and lumber traders, and professional landscapers. They all receive extra benefits such as a discount on all deck screws and other fasteners, a detailed order history, and a dedicated customer repsentative with their business account.  Buying Ironware and screws wholesale from Wovar is therefore extra advantageous for companies! Simply create an account and take advantage right away. Of course, it is also possible for private individuals to place orders. 

Orders within Europe are delivered between 2 to 5 business days!

Become a business customer? As a large consumer, we offer your company an extra discount and above all high-quality screws, bolts and other ironware and DIY materials.

We stand by our slogan: "Wovar secures it, time and again". In short, we supply quality screws, hardware and other DIY materials for an attractive price. Popular at Wovar Screws and Ironware Wholesale are our Torx Flangehead Screws for Larch Douglas wood and our Stainless Steel Deck screws for hardwood and softwood. This will make your wood construction job go by just a little faster and easier than working with wood threaded bolts. We are also known for our wide choice of Carriage Bolts from galvanized to black sprayed in all kinds of (long) sizes.

Wide range

Also view our diverse range of door fittings, including our popular door stoppers. Additionally, at Wovar, we also make it possible to combine separate door handles, door shields and rosettes. Do you wish to hang a door? Then use our hinges, ball hinges, folding hinges, piano hinges, or black hinges. For locking doors, you should check out, of course, view all our mortise locks. Do you want to keep up with the trend in door fittings? Then take a look at our beautiful Sliding Door Fittings. You have come to the right place at Wovar, not only for door fittings, but you also a wide range of window fittings, including Window Stays and Window Trees.

Everything for your job

Wovar can supply you with all right materials for your indoor or outdoor projects. Would you like to place a roof outside yourself? With us, you can find everything you need for task, such as EPDM Foil, Beam Carriers and Roof Trims. New for outdoors, we have Shade Cloths, which protect you from the sun on a hot summer day. Are you going to build a deck or fill the border with gravel? Then also order Root Cloth cut to size via the Wovar Web Store.

Prefer to work indoors? Then get to know our range of Shelf Supports, among which the Blind Shelf Supports and Wall Rail Systems are extremely popular. Or style your home with our Furniture Fittings, including Drawer Runners and Furniture Knobs.

More and more companies and DIY professionals are discovering screws and more fastening materials from Wovar. Do you need screws and hardware more often? Then register as a company. This way you get an extra discount.

Wovar is your online wholesaler and has made a name for itself with quality for an attractive price. Do you have questions? Contact us.