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Wovar Pergola corner brackets 7x7

These are pergola corner brackets for wooden posts of 7x7 cm thickness. This is the smallest size in our range of connecting pieces for pergolas. Not only can you make lightweight pergolas from these 7x7 cm pergola corner brackets , but also a right-angled frame for a planter, exhibition stand or counter. These steel pergola corner brackets for 7x7 cm posts are available in 4 variants. Choose from corner brackets with 2, 3 or 4 outlets.

Discover the convenience of our webshop. We supply your steel pergola corner brackets of 7x7 cm anywhere throughout Europe to your home or to the construction site. All deliveries arrive in 2-5 business days!

In addition to our 7x7 cm pergola fittings, also see our 9x9 cm connectors, 12x12 cm pergola fittings and even our 15x15 cm pergola connectors.

Are you planning to build a garden pergola with climbing plants, or in an area with a strong breeze? Then choosing a thicker version is our advice. Our pergola corner brackets are also available in 9x9 cm, 12x12 cm and for an XL format of 15x15 cm uprights. The big advantage of these corner bracketis that you have exactly a 90 degree right angle

Making a pergola with 7x7 cm posts is very easy with these pergola connectors. You yourself provide the correct wooden posts to measure and slide them into the connecting pieces. Then screw the wood in place using our stainless steel garden screws 4 x 50 mm. If you use coniferous wood such as larch douglas, you do not need to pre-drill. If you use hardwood this is necessary! Then use a hardwood drill bit 3.0 mm thick.

Did you know that our pergola connectors are also available in black? These are available for beam sizes of a 85mm thickness and above!