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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Pergola Corner Brackets 7 x 7 cm

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Pergola Corner Brackets 7 x 7 cm

These pergola brackets are for connecting 7 x 7 cm posts and beams. This is the smallest size pergola bracket we offer. With the brackets, you can not only build pergolas, but also construct a frame for a planter, information booth, or shop counter, there is a myriad of possibilities. We offer five different kinds of 7 x 7 cm pergola brackets, all made of strong, galvanised steel.

Building a structure with bigger posts and beams? Wovar's got you covered with our 9 x 9 cm brackets, 12 x 12 cm pergola brackets, 15 x 15 cm pergola connectors, and even our 20 x 20 cm pergola brackets!

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Planning to build your own pergola? With the pergola brackets from Wovar, you can easily build a pergola yourself. The brackets are suitable for 7 x 7 cm posts and beams and are incredibly strong, so you can build a robust pergola. Are you going to build a pergola in a windy spot, or do you want to grow climbers on your pergola? Then we recommend using thicker wood. You will still be able to use our pergola brackets, as we offer brackets for beams and posts up to 20 x 20 cm!

Build your own pergola

Building a pergola with 7x7 cm posts and beams is a breeze with these pergola brackets. Make sure you have the right size wood and simply slide them in the brackets. Next, fasten them using 6 x 50 mm galvanised chipboard screws. If you are working with softwood, drilling pilot holes is not necessary. If you use hardwood, it is better to pre-drill the holes using a 3 mm hardwood drill bit

Pergola brackets 7 x 7 cm

Did you know that our pergola brackets are also available in black? These are available for beams and posts with a minium size of 85 x 85 mm. In addition to these brackets, it is also possible to build a pergola using our coach bolts or wafer head screws.

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