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Acoustic Panels

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Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels, also referred to as acoustic wall panels, break and absorb soundwaves. Wovar's acoustic panels offer the perfect balance of functionality and style. They make it easier to manage the sound in a room, as well as adding a decorative touch. Whether your home or office is decorated in a modern, industrial, or minimalistic style, Wovar's acoustic wall panels will be a great addition.  

Wall panels

Wovar's acoustic panels make it easy to create quiet spaces. With the ability to cover an entire wall, these panels offer an elegant solution to transform your space. Moreover, they can also be placed on the ceiling, giving you complete design freedom. In addition to their aesthetic appeal in your home, acoustic panels are also extremely functional, making them suitable for offices and sound studios. They are made of high-quality MDF and PET material, which contributes to their quality and durability.

Oak panelling

Our acoustic panels are available in 3 different variants, a light variant, a black one and a walnut brown one. All 3 colours feature an oak pattern, which gives the panels a natural look. So you can easily create a natural interior that is also sleek and modern.

Acoustic panels

The size of Wovar's akupanels is 60 x 60 x 2.1 cm. Installation of akupanels is effortless, allowing you to give your living room or bedroom a stylish and acoustic upgrade. For example, easily create a decorative wall with one, or several sets of wall panels. This type of wall covering has a timeless look and makes a beautiful addition to any interior. These acoustic panels are also highly functional and suitable for use in offices and sound studios. With their high-quality construction of MDF and PET material, these panels offer the ideal combination of functionality and style.

Installing acoustic panels

When installing the acoustic panels on your wall or ceiling, follow these steps:

  1. In the first step, make sure that the surface of the wall is spotless and completely dry. Also check that there are no nails or screws left.
  2. Next, accurately measure the width and height of the wall. This will ensure the correct dimensions when installing the acoustic panel.
  3. Step 3 is optional. You can choose to cut the panels to size using a circular saw and knife. Measure the desired height and width of the panel carefully and cut the panel exactly according to these measurements. Use the knife for the PET material and the saw for the MDF.
  4. Now it's time for the final step: fastening the panel. You have two options: using sealant or screws. If you prefer screws, we recommend using our black chipboard screws. These screws can be fixed directly through the black PET material. The black head of the screws makes them virtually invisible in your acoustic panels. Attach 15 of these screws, divided into 3 rows of 5 screws each. When fixing a panel to the ceiling, we recommend using 25 screws, divided into 5 rows of 5 screws each, to ensure optimum stability and security.

Please note: We would like to stress that it is strongly discouraged to use sealant for fastening the panels to a ceiling. Instead, opt for the aforementioned screw method to avoid possible adhesion problems.

Buying acoustic panels

Do not wait any longer and benefit from the functionalities and aesthetics of Wovar acoustic panels. Looking for screws to fasten the panels? Then have a look at our black chipboard screws. Would you rather use sealant? Then have a look at our category page glue, sealants, and tape . Construction, carpentry, and landscaping companies enjoy benefits when using a business account.