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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Door Handles

Give the doors in your home character with the right door handles. Wovar offers a fitting door handle for every interior design style. Added to that, our door handles can be matched with other door and window hardware to complete the look. For example, we offer beautiful, black door handles that perfectly suit an industrial style interior. When you are deciding on a new door handle, also take into account the other accessories in your home. Make sure there is a repeating colour pattern to create cohesion in the room. 

Wovar offers door handles throughout Europe at affordable prices. To make it slightly easier to choose from our wide range of door handles, we divided the categories by colour.

Door handles and door hardware

In addition to being an essential piece of hardware on your door, door handles also influence the appearance of your home. Equip your door with door handles that, in addition to being functional, are compatible with your chosen interior style. You will find a helpful description on each of the product pages of our door handles. In this description, we also mention the materials you will need to install the door handle. Still have questions? Contact us, and we will help you as soon as possible.

Black door handles

Part of a door handle is the spindle. In many cases, this spindle is suitable for a standard door thickness of up to 42 mm. If your door is thicker than 42 mm, simply add an 8 mm spindle to your order to still be able to use the door handles. Black door handles are the popular trend at the moment. And not just black door handles, but also other black door hardware like door stops, and window fittings like window handles. For door handles on rosettes, also remember to order an escutcheon or thumb turn lock in the same style.

A door handle for every home

Combine our door handles on rosette with cylinder rosettes. The position of the lock is not an issue like with a door handle on a backplate, as a cylinder rosette is not fixed to the door handle rosette. The cylinder rosettes are available in a wide range of styles, just like the door handles, so you can always find one that fits your door handles. 

At which height do I install a door handle?

The standard height of door handles differs per country, but is generally set between 900 and 1100 mm from the ground. This is the distance to the middle of the hole in which the door handle is installed. Often, doors already come with a hole for the door handles cut out at the correct height. If you do have to make one yourself, check the regulations of your country concerning the minimum and maximum height of door handles before you get started. To create a mortice for a mortice lock, have a look at our range of router jigs.

Buy door handles

Order your new door handles today at a competitive price. Businesses in the construction and landscaping industry enjoy many benefits with a business account. Wovar is the place to be when you want to buy door handles online. We always provide honest information on our product pages and useful recommendations for corresponding products. We offer a wide range of door handles in various styles, materials, and colours. 

In addition to door handles, we also offer window handles and locks, cupboard handles, drawer knobs, and more door hardware, including door stops, letter plates, and flush bolts. For something a little different, browse our sliding door systems!