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Cupboard Handles

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The premium brand for all your screws, bolts, and other hardware
More affordable than hardware stores
Fast delivery throughout Europe

Cupboard Handles

A cupboard handle is often seen as a small detail that is an insignificant part of your interior but it can be the missing piece that completes a piece of furniture and puts the finishing touch on the design of a room.

This is why Wovar offers a wide range of cupboard handles in various designs, colours, and sizes. From vintage to modern, round to square, there is a cupboard handles for every interior design style. 

Do you have a vintage style in your room? Then shell handles might be the right choice for you. Or are you looking for an industrial or robust look for a more modern interior? In that case, our nickel-plated or black-coated cupboard handles might be the answer for you.

Wovar offers a wide range of handles for furniture like cupboards. You can rest assured you will finhd the right handle for your drawers, cupboards, or kitchen. Fasteners are not always included with the handles but our chipboard screws are easy to add to your order.

Black handles

A black handle gives your piece of furniture an industrial and sleek look. Because of this, they fit perfectly in mondern and industrial interiors. The black coating and layer of nickel also mean that these steel handles are also protected against corrosion. There different ways to install black handles. You can choose from the traditional screw-on handles as well as the more modern handles that screwed on from the inside of your drawer or cupboard door. For the latter, the holes need to be drilled all the way through the front plate. If your drawer or cupboard already has holes, pay attention to the centre distance.

Shell handles

Shell handles have a vintage appearance and are often used for authentic furniture. The nickel-coated and black-coated options give every vintage piece of furniture a modern look while retaining its authenticity. On top of that, they are available in brass when you are really in the market for that classic vintage look. With the shell handles, fasteners are not included.

Square handles and handles with 90° rounded corners

The square handles and handles with a 90° rounded corners are stylish, sleek, and industrial. These handles are available in two varieties: brushed stainless steel and black-coated. Because they are made from stainless steel and have a black coating, these handles are save corrosion. These handles for your cupboard, drawer, wardrobe, or kitchen cupboards are available in several colours and come with fastening material. 

Kitchen handles and modern handles

The versatility of our handles means they can be used all through the house, including in the kitchen. Handles with a matt finish are a must-have for every modern kitchen cupboard. The timeless design of this handle makes it the perfect choice for your kitchen. We offer kitchen cupboard handles as short as 2.5 cm and as long as 65 cm so there is a handle for doors and drawers in all shapes and sizes. Most of these handles come with fastening material. This will always be mentioned on the product page.

Installing handles on a cupboard door or drawer

Installing a handle is a simple activity but one with big implications for the appearance of your kitchen or piece of furniture. A handle is always visible so they play an important role in determining the style and look of your interior. Therefore, we recommend to choose a handle that fits well with your door handles and door hardware.

Step 1: Determine the position of the handle and make sure it is level on the door or drawer.
Step 2: Mark the places where the screws need to go.
Step 3: Drill the holes with a 4 mm hardwood drill bit.
Step 4: Attach the handles to the cupboard door or drawer with the screws.

Ordering modern handles

Order our competitively priced handles today. Wovar offers a wide range of handles for cupboards and drawers so you are sure to find one that fits with your kitchen or piece of furniture. Wovar is not only the place to be for handles, but also for knobs or leather handles. Are you in need of more hardware for you furniture? Check out all of our furniture fixings, such as drawer runners, magnetic catches, and table legs.

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