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Wire and TensionersFasteners

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Wire and Tensioners

Looking for wire and tensioners? Wovar offers a wide range of wire tensioners, turnbuckles, regular wire, and wire rope. Choose from green, black, and hot-dip galvanised wire tensioners, turnbuckles with hooks and eyes, and all kinds of steel wire. Build a wire fence with the wire tensioners, or use wire as a plant support. The wires are available in green and black, and with a length of 10 m or 100 m. 

Coated, steel wire

These steel wires are incredibly versatile. They are used when placing rebar as well as for wire fencing. But they are also great for gardening purposes, such as making a trellis or other type of plant support. If you are going to use wire in the garden, our green wire is the best option. It is hardly visible, but will still support your plants.

Wire tensioners

Wire tensioners can be used with all kinds of wire, depending on where you want to attach it. A tensioner is great for constructing a wire fence or barrier with barbed wire. It is also possible to use wire tensioners for a washing line with plastic coating.

Using wire tensioners

Install a screw eye or anchor bolt with eye in the wall, post, or tree you want to attach the wire tensioner to. You now have two options for connecting the wire tensioner to the screw eye.

  1. Use wire to make a loop through both the screw eye and the eye in the wire tensioner. Close off the loop with one or more wire rope clamps.
  2. Use a carabiner to link the screw eye and the wire tensioner together.

Next, push the wire through the large hole in the outside and then the small hole on the inside of the tensioner, and use a spanner to tension the wire.  


Wovar's turnbuckles are available in several shapes and sizes. Turnbuckles are used to tension wire rope and chains. We offer turnbuckles in galvanised steel and stainless steel. If you are going to use the turnbuckles outdoors, opt for stainless steel, as this will not rust. On the other hand, if a high-load bearing capacity is important, pick galvanised steel. Galvanised steel is extremely strong, and a protective layer makes it rust-resistant. However, this layer will diminish over time.

Wire rope

Wovar is the place to be when you are looking for wire rope. We offer various kinds of wire rope, such as galvanised wire rope and PVC coated wire rope. The thickness of the cable varies from 3 mm to 5 mm. Our high-quality wire rope has a myriad of applications. The wire rope can be used for construction and industrial purposes, as well as, in (large-scale) greenhouses and on ships. Added to that, our wire rope is used in water sports and to secure outdoor furniture.

Note: Our wire rope is not suitable for lifting or fitness equipment.

Buying wire and tensioners

Order wire and tensioners in all shapes and sizes for a great price. Businesses in the construction and landscaping industry enjoy additional benefits, such as a business discount, with a free business account.

Planning to hang a shade sail? Turnbuckles combined with chains are great for tensioning a shade sail.

Making a trellis out of wire and wire tensioners? Check out our planters or garden edging to create a garden bed.