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Garden Hand Tools

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Garden Hand Tools

Garden hand tools are ideal for the small tasks in and around the garden. These small garden tools include garden trowels, hand cultivators, and patio weeders. Wovar's garden tools are high-quality and can be used by all gardeners, from amateur to professional. 

Are these small hand tools not quite what you need? We also offer regular sized shovels and spades, rakes, garden hoes, and more.

Patio weeders

Patio weeders, sometimes called crack weeders or patio knives, are designed to remove weeds, moss, or grass from between the pavers in the patio. Using a patio weeder is a natural way of removing weeds and is easy to do. Wovar's patio weeders are high-quality and can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. 

Garden trowels

A garden trowel is an indispensable tool for any gardener. It is ideal for the smaller jobs in the garden. Think of digging a small groove in the garden bed, adding some extra soil, (re)potting plants and flowers, and so much more. 

Hand cultivators

A hand cultivator, also referred to as a hand rake or garden claw, is an incredibly useful tool in the garden. They are used to break up or loosen the soil and remove weeds. Aerating the soil and preparing it for new seeds are also part of the cultivator repertoire. 

Ordering garden hand tools

Order your new small garden tools to keep your garden looking great and healthy. With a Wovar business account, you can benefit from many advantages. Sign up for free to become a business client today.

In addition to small and regular sized garden tools, Wovar also offers a wide range of other garden products. Think, for instance, of garden hoses, planters, and shade sails.