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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Frame and Concrete ScrewsScrewsFasteners

Frame and Concrete Screws

Frame and Concrete Screws

Wovar frame screws and frame fixings are made of galvanised steel. The galvanised steel is very strong and ensures a firm attachment of your frames. Install wooden frames and beams on stone facades easily with our modern frame screws. You can quickly fix this without plugs in a stone wall. For wooden frames, choose frame screws with a cylinder head. Aluminum and plastic frames are fixed with frame screws with a flat or convex head.

Wovar supplies high-quality frame screws and frame fixings. Additionally, you will also find high-quality nylon plugs, hammer fixings, express nails, and hollow wall plugs. For installing aluminum and plastic frames, choose our flat head or round head frame screws. 

Are you planning to install wooden windows? Then choose frame screws with a cylinder head. These sink beautifully into your frame, which ensures a beautiful finish. frame fixings are mainly used for heavier constructions. Frame screws are also called hammer fixings.

For example, do you want to anchor metal storage racks or other items on a concrete floor? Take a look at our special concrete screws. These screws are specially designed for firm anchoring in concrete.

Companies in the construction and garden industry benefit from additional benefits such as discounts with a business account. Do you need an extremely strong anchor? Then always choose our anchor bolts.