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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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White Metal Shelf Brackets

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White Metal Shelf Brackets

You have come to the right place at Wovar for metal-coated white shelf brackets. Wovar supplies white shelf brackets in various sizes, especially our heavy white shelf brackets of 200 x 300 mm, 250 x 400 mm, and 330 x 500 mm. The strong shelf brackets have an oblique brace. That is why they are also called heavy shelf brackets with braces or heavy shelf supports. 

White shelf brackets can be used in contrast with a dark color, or with a white wall and shelf. This way, everything forms one complete white look, so that the white brackets disappear from the rest. White shelf brackets are easy to attach and can be combined with a shelf of your choice. Choose a thick white plank or a thinner white plate. With shelf brackets, you can be extremely flexible and you decide for yourself how big the shelf or shelves will be. White shelf brackets should always be chosen slightly shorter than your shelf, so that the white shelf bracket does not protrude at the front. 

In addition to our white shelf brackets, Wovar also supplies aluminum shelf brackets, galvanised shelf brackets , industrial shelf brackets, black metal shelf brackets, leather shelf brackets, and floating shelf brackets.

White Metal Shelf Brackets look beautiful with any interior with white walls. White Shelf brackets are 3 cm wide and have a total of 6 mounting holes. It is common practice to anchor the short side to the wall. You place the shelf brackets a maximum of 60 cm apart for optimum bearing capacity.

Mounting shelf brackets to the wall is done with our Pozi drive chipboard screws 5x50 mm in combination with our 8x40 mm nylon plug. Drill a 50 mm deep hole in your stone wall with our SDS hammer drill 8x110 mm. Please note, that for this drill bit you need to be in possession of an SDS power drill. Put the plug in the hole and screw the shelf bracket firmly to the wall. Use our white blanking caps to nicely dispose of the screws. Tip; with a little glue or silicone sealant, the caps are extra secure.

Order your white metal shelf brackets at Wovar. Construction and handyman companies receive extra benefits such as discounts with a business account.

In addition to shelf brackets, Wovar also supplies high-quality carriage bolts, coach screws, and construction lag screws.