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Rope and ChainFasteners

Rope and Chain

Wovar supplies chains and rope tailored to your wishes. Order nylon rope, and plastic or steel link chains per meter. Note: we only offer chains and rope per 1 m. It is not possible to, for example, order 3.5 m. In that case, you will have to order a 4 m long chain. Steel chains are available in both galvanised steel and stainless steel.

Nylon rope

Nylon rope is a strong type of rope that is used for many jobs. You can purchase all types of chains and ropes from us per linear meter! The rope has many applications. For example, pulley constructions. Just make sure the rope thickness is appropriate for the pulley you have or plan to purchase. Some ropes can withstand up to 210 kg of pulling force! The nylon ropes are of course also suitable for all kinds of home-garden-and-kitchen chores.

Ordering your rope and chain

Order nylon rope, plastic and steel chains per meter at Wovar. Companies in the construction and gardening industry are eligible for additional benefits, including a business discount. Sign up for a free business account today!


A galvanised steel chain is stronger than a stainless steel chain. This is because stainless steel is softer than galvanised steel. On the other hand, a stainless steel chain is more durable than galvanised steel, because it is more rust-resistant. The links of the steel chains are welded and therefore very strong. In addition to steel chains, we also offer plastic chains.

The thickness of our chain links varies from 3 to 6 mm. The links of the chains are perpendicular to the links they are connected to, resulting in a sturdier chain. The weight limit of the stainless steel or galvanised steel chain is indicated per size. Just like the exact dimensions of the chain links. 

Connecting chains

Chains are often combined with carabiners. This is due to their enormous versatility. Carabiners are available in stainless steel, galvanised steel, and black, as well as in different sizes. For more alternatives, have a look at our complete range of hooks and eyes.