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Wovar Shelf brackets

Are you looking for metal supports for making a bookshelf? We have iron shelf brackets for sale in various sizes. Choose from black, white or galvanized. Shelf brackets from Wovar are made of strong galvanized steel and have a high bearing capacity. Shelf brackets from Wovar are also called shelf brackets heavy. Choose our black shelf brackets to create a rural atmosphere in your living room. For a modern look, choose the blue galvanized shelf brackets. Wovar supplies shelf brackets in the sizes 20 x 30 cm, 25 x 40 cm and 33 x 50 cm.

Are you going to place books on your shelves with shelf brackets? Then use an intermediate distance of a maximum of 40 cm and a wood thickness of at least 30 mm. Scaffolding planks are very popular, they are usually 19 cm wide. Then place 2 pieces next to each other for a nice width for books or archive folders. You can also use shelf brackets to create storage space in your storage room or utility room.

Each shelf bracket from Wovar has 6 mounting holes and is suitable for universal use. You mount the shortest side of the shelf bracket to the wall. These screw holes have a diameter of approximately 9 mm. Attach the shelf bracket to your wall using our pozidrive screws 5 x 50 mm. To anchor the screws in the wall, use a nylon plug 8 x 40 mm. Drill a 50 mm deep hole in the stone. Fill the holes with the plugs and screw on the shelf brackets.

The mounting holes on the long side of the shelf brackets have a diameter of 7 mm. You simply screw the planks in place with our 4.0 mm thick galvanized pozidrive screws. you determine the length of the screw depending on the plank thickness. The head of our pozidrive screws is wide enough to firmly tighten your boards. Pozidrive screws from Wovar connect nicely to the shelf brackets, creating a neat finish.

The width of the shelf brackets is approximately 30 mm. It is recommended to place shelf brackets a maximum of 60 cm apart. In doing so, a high load-bearing capacity is maintained.

Shelf brackets black heavy

The black metal shelf brackets are almost identical to the galvanized shelf brackets. The difference is that the black shelf brackets have a high-quality powder coating and black top layer. The powder coating penetrates deep into the zinc work and ensures good adhesion and high protection against rust and corrosion. The black top layer has a high wear resistance and provides a chic shine.

The mounting holes are the same as the holes of the galvanized shelf brackets. Use black screws 5 x 50 mm to attach black shelf brackets to the wall. You should choose galvanized screws black galvanized 4 mm thick to screw the planks.

Shelf brackets metal white

Shelf brackets white metal white have a white coating. This coating protects the steel well against rust, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Just like the galvanized shelf brackets, this shelf bracket has 6 screw holes. Assembly is also done in the same way. For a beautiful finish, it is recommended to order our white caps. You simply press these into the pozidrive head. A small drop of glue ensures that the cap will not come off.

In addition to black shelf brackets, Wovar also supplies shelf brackets in heavy galvanized steel. Order the universal heavy shelf brackets at Wovar.