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Shelf Brackets

Looking to create more storage space or add some character to your home or patio? Then check out our shelf brackets. These are an easy solution for making a shelf in your living room for books, trinkets, candles, photos, etc. Or use them for storing boxes or tools in your garage or garden shed. The beauty of shelf brackets is that there are countless possibilities, whether they need to be functional or beautiful, meant for storage or decoration. 

We offer various kinds of shelf brackets in different sizes. Choose from aluminium brackets, heavy galvanised brackets, folding shelf brackets, and more. Each shelf bracket brings its own character to your room. For example, black metal shelf brackets create a rustic look, and leather shelf brackets give a more cosy appearance. Do the brackets need to fit in an industrial interior? Then opt for our industrial shelf brackets. For sleek and modern homes, floating shelf brackets are a perfect choice.

Are you going to use the shelf brackets for a bookshelf? Then make sure that the brackets are a maximum of 40 cm apart and the board on top is at least 3 cm thick. A popular choice for these shelves is the scaffold board. Scaffold boards usually have a width of 19 cm, which means that with two of these boards, you will have a wonderful width for a bookshelf. 

Mounting a steel shelf bracket

All of our shelf brackets contain 6 mounting holes and are universal. The shortest side of the bracket is fixed to the wall. The diameter of the mounting holes on this side is approximately 9 mm. We recommend using our pozidrive screws 5 x 50 mm. If you are mounting the bracket to a brick or concrete wall, also use a nylon wall plug 8 x 40 mm. Drill 50 mm deep holes in the wall, insert the wall plugs, and fasten the bracket with the screws.

The mounting holes on the long side of the bracket have a diameter of 7 mm. To secure the boards, use 4 mm galvanised pozidriv screws. The length of the screws depends on the thickness of the boards. The head of the pozidrive screws is wide enough to pull the wood down and align with the bracket for a neat end result. The width of the shelf brackets is approximately 30 mm. We recommend placing the shelf brackets a maximum distance of 60 cm apart to maintain the high load-bearing capacity.

Wovar’s steel shelf brackets are made of incredibly strong galvanised steel and have a high load-bearing capacity. This is why they are also called heavy-duty shelf brackets.

Black shelf brackets

Our black galvanised shelf brackets are nearly identical to our regular galvanised brackets. The only difference is that the black shelf brackets have been coated with a high-quality powder coating with black finish. The powder coating penetrates the steel and protects the bracket from rust and corrosion. The black finish provides a high level of wear-resistance and an elegant shine. The mounting holes are equal to those of the regular galvanised brackets. We recommend using 5 x 50 mm black screws to fix the black shelf brackets to the wall. Opt for 4 mm thick, black, galvanised screws to fasten the boards to the brackets.

White metal shelf brackets

Our white metal shelf brackets have been covered with a white coating. This coating protects the metal against rust, making the brackets suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Similar to the galvanised steel shelf brackets, these brackets contain 6 mounting holes. They are also mounted in the same way. For the best end result, also add white cover caps to your order. Simply place them on the pozidrive head of the screw. A drop of glue ensure it will stay on.

Industrial shelf brackets

The appearance of industrial shelf brackets is what sets them apart from regular shelf brackets. This different style makes these brackets popular among our customers. The brackets can withstand all kinds of weather due to the premium black coating, resulting in shelf brackets that are a great option for outdoor shelves. The industrial shelf brackets include all the necessary fasteners, so you can start making that new shelf as soon as your order arrives.

Leather shelf brackets

Wovar’s leather shelf brackets have a unique and stylish appearance. The high-quality shelf brackets are made of 100% cowhide from Europe and are tanned sustainably. Tanning the leather makes it more durable, which means you will be able to enjoy these shelf brackets for a long time.

The leather shelf brackets are sold in sets of two, excluding fasteners. The shelf brackets each contain two mounting holes and are easy to install. We offer these shelf brackets in five different colours: black, brown, anthracite, cognac, and grey.

Floating shelf brackets

With Wovar’s floating shelf brackets, you create a unique and strong shelf. When the shelf is finished, the shelf brackets are invisible. This results in a sleek shelf that appears to be floating on the wall.
We offer two types of floating shelf brackets: a floating shelf bracket which consists of a pin with wall plate, and a floating shelf bracket with threading. The threaded shelf brackets have a load-bearing capacity of up to 85 kg.

Wall shelving units

With Wovar’s wall rail systems, also called F-systems or shelving systems, you can build an adjustable, wall-mounted shelving unit in no time. Attach the rails to the wall, and it is completely up to you where the shelves go. The result: a convenient, customised shelf that can easily be adjusted at any time.

The main advantage over regular shelving units is the adjustability. If after a year you require more storage space, simply add a shelf or rail. Similarly, if you want to put an object on the shelf that is relatively tall, simply adjust the height of the shelf so it fits. The shelving systems are available in black and white.