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Glue, Sealants, and Tape

Looking for a supplier of high-quality adhesives and sealants? Premium brand Wovar supplies top-quality high tack sealant, stone glue, and EPDM glue in cartridges of 290 ml. With the high-quality adhesives and sealants from Wovar, you can secure and seal almost everything in, for example, your garden. Use our strong stone glue for gluing various kinds of stones. Choose our EPDM adhesive for bonding all types of EPDM. Are you looking for a universal adhesive sealant? Our high tack sealant can be used on all the most common materials, such as stone, hard plastics, aluminium, and metal.

The high-quality adhesives and sealants from Wovar can be ordered per cartridge of 290 ml. Companies in the construction and landscaping industry receive additional benefits with a business account, such as a business discount.

Are you looking for glue suitable for EPDM, baseboards, floor tiles, or plastic? The Wovar range of adhesives and sealants has a solution for almost every bonding. On this page, we provide a detailed description of our different types of adhesives, sealants, and tape. It states exactly which glue or sealant you can use for which purpose. For example, we are often asked which adhesive is used for EPDM. Or which glue you choose to secure baseboards. 

High tack adhesive

This white universal adhesive is suitable for bonding 1001 applications. The high tack adhesive from Wovar is, among others, suitable for Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE). Due to the very high adhesive strength of this high tack sealant, it is the most common sealant in the construction sector. You can use a high tack kit for stone, concrete, glass, plaster, polyurethane (PU), PVC, hard plastics, enamel, ceramics, copper, lead, zinc, tin, aluminium, metal, alloys and stainless steel. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The high tack sealant adheres quickly to the material: it sticks after only 2 seconds. After 24 hours, this universal sealant is completely cured and your structure is solid.

In short, whether you are looking for glue for baseboards, glue for glass, or glue for plastic, choose the Wovar high tack adhesive!

EPDM adhesive

This black, permanently elastic EPDM adhesive is suitable for all types of EPDM. So you can glue both European EPDM and American EPDM firmly with Wovar EPDM adhesive without needing a primer. This glue is also very suitable for sealing your roof terminal. The EPDM adhesive from Wovar must be applied on a dry and clean surface. EPDM glue can also be used as a repair sealant.

Stone glue

Do you want to glue stone? Wovar's versatile stone glue can be used to firmly join almost all types of stone together, including natural stone. In addition to all these types of stone, this adhesive can bond many more materials. Gluing wood, metal, lead, zinc, copper, mirrors, polystyrene, plastic, and concrete is also no problem for Wovar's stone glue. Due to its versatility, Wovar stone glue can replace almost all types of glue. The surface for this outdoor stone adhesive must be grease and dust-free. 


Wovar offers a wide range of tape, duct tape or masking tape. Duct tape is useful for every job and many everyday activities. A real handyman always has several rolls of duct tape on hand. Wovar's masking tape is also indispensable for a painting job. Every roll has at least 50 m of tape on it, and you can choose from different widths. The tape ensures that you can easily paint clean lines, without staining neighbouring objects. Remove the tape after painting and the result will be amazing!

Double-sided tape

Are you looking for double-sided tape? Wovar offers various types and sizes of double-sided tape. With double-sided tape from Wovar you can opt for double-sided tape transparent, but also pick double-sided tape for mounting heavy materials. With our powerful double-sided tape, you can attach heavy materials, without screws or nails. Double-sided tape for indoor use or double-sided tape for outdoor use? You can find both on our website. Look at the product pages to see what each roll of double-sided tape is most suitable for.