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Corten Steel Planters

Corten steel's natural look, provided by its rusty colour, makes it a favourite among gardeners and landscapers. That is why the corten steel planters from Wovar are an ideal addition to your garden. Due to the rusty brown colour, they blend in with the natural environment, instead of distracting from the nature. 

Additionally, these corten steel planters can be perfectly combined with our corten steel garden edging. This way, you can arrange your garden as you wish and create a beautiful rural yet modern atmosphere. Wovar supplies corten steel planters in different sizes.

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Frequently asked questions

Corten steel is a type of steel that is often used in gardens. The beautiful and unique, rust-coloured material blends in with its natural surroundings. Added to that, the combination of several metals that corten steel is made of create a material that is as strong as stainless steel. The result is a beautiful, strong, and durable planter.

It is important that the water drainage of the planter works well. Our corten steel planters have got a hole in the bottom to help with that, but also the way you fill your planter can hinder or facilitate this. We recommend starting with a layer of potting soil. Next, put a water-permeable root cloth on top. Finally, add the soil that is best for your plants, bushes, or flowers.

To assemble the corten steel planter, you only need the supplied bolts, nuts, and spanner.

  1. The planter is made up of 5 different pieces. Find the bottom, the other 4 pieces are the sides. The side panels have 1 side that is the top, recognisable by the square part.
  2. Secure one side panel to the bottom with two bolts and nuts, using the spanner. Double check that you have got the right side up.
  3. Secure the remaining three side panels as described in step 2. Also secure the side panels to each other.
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A planter made of corten steel is easy to assemble. The corten steel planters from Wovar have a helpful manual for assembling the planter, which explains step by step how to proceed. In addition, the necessary mounting materials such as corner brackets and screws are included. 

The pros and cons of corten steel plant pots

A planet made of Corten steel is virtually maintenance-free. You only need to wipe or spray any visible dirt from the pot. Only keep in mind that you do not use a high-pressure cleaner for this. In addition, despite its appearance, corten steel is resistant to corrosion. The rusty layer that corten steel gets is a protective layer against further corrosion. This gives your corten steel planter a long life. 

The disadvantage of a corten steel planter is that the rusting process of the corten steel takes about 6 to 12 months before the beautiful rust colour comes into its own. However, this oxidation process can be accelerated. Another disadvantage is that the corten steel can still release rust water during the rusting process. It is therefore advisable to place a protective surface under the planter during this period to prevent stains on your paving. 

Ordering your corten steel planter

Order these corten steel planters and keep the natural look in your garden. Take advantage of our volume discount with an order of 5 or more!

Landscaping and construction companies enjoy extra benefits with a free business account. So register quickly and receive, among other things, a fixed business discount and a permanent contact person. 

Are you a fan of the rusty look of corten steel? Then take a look at our corten steel edging. If galvanised steel is more your thing, we have got you covered with our black planters.