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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Ridge Beam Batten Support Brackets

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Ridge Beam Batten Support Brackets

Ridge Beam Batten Support Brackets are part of your roof or canopy. By providing the ridge beam of your roof with a ridge beam bracket, you ensure that your roof gets a nice pointed finish. With a ridge beam bracket, you form a very strong roof anchorage. The cap anchoring ensures that the rider (the upright beam on the point shape) remains in place so that it will not shift. With a good ridge beam bracket, you prevent a sliding beam. When the ridge beam shifts, it can have serious consequences for your roof. You then have a high risk of leakage. With a ridge beam bracket, you create the typical point shape of a saddle roof. Wovar offers ridge beam brackets, joist hangers, and regular beam brackets in various sizes.

With a saddle roof, you have a strong foundation for your home. To give your saddle roof maximum structural strength, you need a good support bracket to connect the top beam to each side beam. With a ridge beam bracket you can make a nice, but above all strong connection, in the point of your saddle roof. After you have applied the beams and insulation material to the sloping sides, screw a ridge beam bracket into the top of the point. You can then lay the roof tiles over it. This is followed by a beam in the ridge beam bracket, after which you can apply the lead, lead replacement, and/or the round roof panels. This allows you to enjoy a strong roof, with a nice pointed shape on the ridge. The ridge support also provides additional anchorage for your roof. The angle beam will provide an increase in structural strength.

Ridge Beam Batten Support Brackets

Are you also going for a strong saddle roof? Then buy your Wovar ridge beam bracket made of galvanised steel. At Wovar you always enjoy competitive prices on top-quality products. You can also contact us for other roofing products, such as roofing screws. Complete the connection of your ridge beam bracket by adding a lead replacer. In this way, you get watertight construction.