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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Kitchen Cabinet Legs

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Kitchen Cabinet Legs

Kitchen cabinet legs, also called kitchen unit legs or feet, are adjustable furniture legs that are used for kitchen cabinets and units. A kitchen should be completely level, and these adjustable feet are the perfect tool to help you achieve that. Our kitchen cabinet legs allow you to adjust the height of your cabinets to the millimetre. We offer these furniture legs in several shapes and sizes. The numbers in the title of the product indicate the minimum and maximum height of the cabinet legs. Though they are generally used for kitchen cabinets and units, these adjustable feet are becoming increasingly popular for other furniture as well. Think for example of heavy wardrobes or beds.

Wovar's adjustable kitchen cabinet legs have a maximum load-bearing capacity of 400 kg and consist of two parts: the adjustable leg and a mounting plate. This set does not include fasteners, you will have to add these to your order yourself. For most kitchen cabinets, our 4 x 40 mm chipboard screws will fit well. However, if your piece of furniture is thinner than 20 mm, we recommend using 4 x 35 mm screws. 

One advantage of our chipboard screws is that pre-drilling is usually not necessary. Are your cabinets made of hardwood? In that case, we do advise pre-drilling with a 2.5 mm hardwood drill bit to prevent the wood from splitting.

Mounting and adjusting kitchen unit feet

Attach the mounting plates to the corners of your kitchen cabinet. If the piece of furniture is very long or wide, place mounting plates every 40 cm. Next, you can simply slide the adjustable leg into the mounting plate.

By twisting the leg, you can adjust the height of the cabinet. Use a spirit level to check whether the furniture is level. We recommend adding an adjustment tool for kitchen cabinet legs to your order. This tool will save you time and helps you adjust the hard-to-reach corners.

Ordering adjustable kitchen cabinet legs

Order your adjustable kitchen cabinet legs today for an attractive price. Do you own a construction or carpentry company, or do you build furniture? Sign up for a free business account to enjoy additional advantages.

Is a kitchen cabinet leg not quite what you were looking for? Check out our table legs and furniture legs, or browse our selection of cabinet hardware.