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Do you want to build a fence? Our U-nails are perfect for fixing chicken wire, stock fencing, mesh wire, and more to wooden posts. U-nails are also known as wire staples, fence staples, fencing nails, and are available in the sizes 2 x 20 mm, 3 x 30 mm, and 4 x 40 mm. The staples are sold per box of 1 kg.

As the name suggests, these are basically nails bent in a u-shape with two sharp ends. To fix the wire to the post, you simply place the staple around the wire and hit it with a hammer to drive it in the post. Wovar’s fence nails are made of galvanised steel, which results in an incredibly strong product. The galvanisation also protects the wire staples from corrosion. However, when this layer is damaged, the U-nails are susceptible to rust.

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Wovar’s galvanised U-nails are perfect for quickly installing a wire mesh fence, as well as fixing barbed wire or regular steel wire to wooden posts. The wire staples are suitable for both round and square posts. We recommend using a claw hammer to drive the fencing nails in the post. The two sharp ends facilitate the process immensely. After 2 or 3 blows of your hammer the U-nails tend to be securely fastened.

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