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Sprinkler Systems

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Sprinkler Systems

Various types of garden sprinklers are available for watering your garden at Wovar, like oscillating sprinklers and sector sprinklers. Which type of sprinkler is most suitable for you depends on your garden and what you expect from the sprinkler. An oscillating sprinkler is, for example, useful for watering large rectangular areas. With a sector sprinkler, on the other hand, you can easily adjust the spray angle, so that you water a specific part of your garden. 

In addition to garden sprinklers, you can also order garden hoses and hose connectors from Wovar!

Oscillating Sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers are ideal for watering large, rectangular areas because this type of garden sprinkler does not go in circles, but back and forth. With a swing sprinkler, you water the garden automatically and you get an even, continuous distribution of the water. Wovar's oscillating sprinklers have a maximum reach of no less than 270 m², so provide huge gardens and surfaces with water right away! Due to the stainless steel filter, our oscillating sprinklers are completely maintenance-free. 

Sector Nozzles

With Wovar's sector sprinklers you can water surfaces up to 625 m², making them perfectly suitable for huge gardens and areas. A sector nozzle sprays in a circle, but this can be set to a part of that circle, the sector. This is done by using the sector limiters, with which you set both limits and determine the sector. In addition, the spray jet can also be adjusted, the jet can be made shorter and wider and adjusted in height. 

Professional Lawn Sprinklers

We recommend using a quick connector with a water stop in case you connect, for example, an oscillating sprinkler, sector sprinkler, or a spray gun to your garden hose. The advantage of a quick connector with a water stop is that the water supply is stopped when you disconnect the garden sprinkler. This allows you to change your nozzle in peace, without wasting water and getting wet.

Buying your Garden Sprinklers

You can easily order everything you need for perfect garden watering from Wovar today. In addition to everything for watering your garden, we also offer a wide range of garden tools such as rakes, hoes, pruning tools, and tool holders.

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