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Plant Supports

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Plant Supports

With plant supports, you ensure that plants and flowers in your garden can grow well without being blown over or broken by rain or wind. We offer plant supports in different shapes and sizes, so there is suitable support for every plant species. The supports are made of galvanised steel and have a dark green plastic coating. Plant supports not only offer support, but also ensure that your greenery stays in place and does not droop. This ensures a neat and well-maintained appearance of your garden.

Choose from different sizes depending on the size of the plant or flower. Take into account the eventual size the plant will grow to. In addition to the fixed sizes, you can also opt for an adjustable model, which you can adjust in height as the plant grows. Simply install it by pressing the steel pins into the ground.

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Plant supports are basically indispensable for every garden lover. High winds or heavy rainfall can cause plants to droop and even break. Plant supports offer a simple, yet effective solution. A metal ring around the plant offers good support. The plant supports are available at Wovar in different shapes and sizes, so that you can find suitable supports for every plant size. The plant supports do share one common characteristic: the dark green colour. This colour does not stand out too much and fits well in a natural environment, so your plants and flowers remain the real eye-catcher in your garden.

You simply place the plant supports in the ground by hand. The plasticized steel is only a maximum of 8 mm thick, so you can press it into the ground in no time. If you do experience difficulties, you can gently tap the support into the ground with a rubber mallet.

Buying your plant supports

Support your plants with these plant supports. Do you have your own construction work company, or are you a landscaper? Then quickly create a business account and take advantage of useful benefits.

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