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Are you looking for bolts, matching nuts, and other, similar fasteners? Wovar has a wide range of nuts and bolts. Whether your project requires galvanised bolts, stainless steel bolts, or black bolts, you are spoiled for choice. The bolts are usually equipped with a hexagon head. Bolts are a popular fastener for heavy structures. This is due to the thickness of the bolt, which can bear higher loads than a thin screw. Are you looking for a cross between the two fasteners? Then our coach screws are exactly what you need. These screws are threaded, but have the head of a bolt.

Threaded rods

You have come to the right place at Wovar for stainless steel and galvanised threaded rods. Wovar offers threaded rods in steel quality 4.8 and 8.8. A threaded rod 4.8 has a tensile strength of 40 kg per mm2. A threaded rod 8.8 has a tensile strength of 80 kg per mm2. A threaded rod is also known as a stud or threaded bar. A threaded rod is basically a long bolt, but without the head, so you just have a fully metric screw thread. Threaded rods are available in thicknesses between M4 and M18. Also add the correct nuts and washers for the threaded rod to your order!

Nuts and washers

Use nuts and washers to secure your bolts. If you want to avoid gaps and loosening due to vibration, combine a nut with a washer. You then place the bolt first, after which you place the washer on the other side. Then you tighten the nut against this. The most well-known and used form of a nut are hexagonal nuts. Wovar also offers lock nuts, cap nuts, wing nuts and coupling nuts. Furthermore, we provide impact nuts and ramp nuts to furniture makers, or DIYers that make their own furniture, for example. For maximum convenience, go for flange nuts, which have the washer attached to the nut. This way you can work extra quickly and easily!

Coach bolts

Do you want a smooth and beautiful finish, as well as strong connections? Then coach bolts, also called carriage bolts, are a great solution. These bolts have a smooth head. Under this screw head is a square, which embeds itself in the material. Carriage bolts are widely used in combination with our gate hinges. In many cases, these hinges are equipped with square mounting holes, perfect for the square inside the carriage bolt. Look at our hinges and hinge hooks for the possibilities. Wovar's coach bolts always come as a complete set, nut and washer included. For those wanting bolts to match their black gate hardware or boards, we also provide black coach bolts, perfect for your heavy planks and gate hinges.

Coach screws

Coach screws, also known as lag screws, are very strong bolts used for heavy construction projects. These fasteners are a unique mix of screw and bolt. They have the thickness and screw head of a bolt, along with the threading of a screw. This allows you to securely fasten heavy structures. The coach screws are available as galvanised, stainless steel, and black coach screws. Popular sizes are the M8 and M10 bolts. Lag screws are fastened with a spanner or socket wrench. Before you start, it is important to pre-drill with a drill that is a few millimetres thinner. This way, you can easily drive the bolt into the wood.

Anchors bolts

Do you want to fix a beam to the wall? Or are you looking for a sturdy screw eye to place in your wall or beam? Then it is best to use anchor bolts. Anchor bolts are available in different versions. First, there are wedge anchors. You first drill a pilot hole for the wedge anchor, after which you insert it in the material. These wedge anchors, or push-through anchors, are a popular variant of the anchor bolt. Second, there are sleeve anchors. You also need to drill a pilot hole for these bolts, but they work slightly differently. You insert these into the wall, but you have to tighten them to anchor them in the wall. Hereby the sleeve expands, after which it is stuck inside the wall. That is why this variant is also known as an expansion anchor. This expansion bolt is also available in two other variants; the sleeve anchors with eye and the sleeve anchors with hook. For convenience, these already have a hook or eye on the screw thread. This gives you a strong, ready-to-use attachment point.

Hex bolts

Hex bolts are the old-fashioned bolt with a hexagonal head. These strong bolts are widely used for steel constructions. This is due to the enormous load-bearing capacity of these bolts. The hexagonal bolts are convenient for assembling machines and structures, but still allow for quick disassembly. The popular M8 hex bolt is tightened with a size 13 open-end wrench. The M10 hex bolt is tightened with a size 17 wrench.

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