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Ball Top Post Caps

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Ball Top Post Caps

Looking for post caps with a ball top? Ball top post caps are very popular because they not only protect your posts but also provide a unique appearance. The cap is provided with a ball top, which is mounted on the post cap. The ball top is clearly visible and so your posts provide an extra element of style to your garden. In addition, the ball top post caps ensure that your wooden posts will not rot due to standing rainwater. So your posts will also last longer. The ball top post caps from Wovar are available in different versions, including stainless steel, galvanised, and black!

These ball top post caps are easy to attach. Because the caps are 1 mm larger than the post, the cap fits nicely around it. After placing the hood, you can fix the hood with 2 screws or 2 nails. Prefer not to use nails or screws? Then you can also attach the cap with a universal adhesive kit.

Are you looking for a post cap with a different shape? No worries! At Wovar you can also choose between pyramid-shaped post caps and round pole caps. You will find all these and other post caps in our total range of post caps. 

With a convex pole cap you can protect your wooden poles in a graceful way. Rainwater will not remain on the top of the post and thus mold and wood rot are prevented. A post cap is therefore a simple solution to extend the life of your wooden posts. The sphere is, as it were, fixed to the hood and gives a rural look. The bollard post cap is available in stainless steel, black and galvanised versions. Stainless steel material ensures that the hood will not rust, the galvanised version is very strong and the black hood is protected by a black powder coating. 

Attaching a Ball Top Post Cap

All ball top post caps can be attached in the same way. The square base of the cap has 2 mounting holes. So you can choose to screw on the hood. Pre-drilling can be helpful to make screwing in easier. So, order a 3 mm hardwood drill bit from our range of hardwood drill bits. You can also choose to nail down the post caps. Prefer not to use screws or nails? No problem, you can also attach the caps with sealant. Apply enough sealant to the inside of the cap and press it down onto the wooden post.

Buying your Ball Top Post Cap

Buy your ball top post caps now at an affordable price at Wovar! Do you have your own Handyman or construction company, or are you a landscape gardener? Then create a business account.

Are you looking for a different shape of post cap? At Wovar you can also find pyramid post caps and round post caps. You will find all these types in our total range of post caps.