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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Tree Ties

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Tree Ties

Looking for a sturdy tree tie to easily tie and anchor your trees? With tree straps, you can support and guide a tree. This way, you can be sure that the tree is kept in the correct position. At Wovar you can buy tree tape made of different materials, including nylon, rubber, and even iron wire with a soft tree tie. This way you choose which material you want to use. The straps also differ in attachment. For example, with one you use nails, and the other is provided with iron wire, for example.

In addition to providing support, tree ties are also responsible for the vigorous development of a tree's root system. This is critical for good and healthy growth. Additionally, in countries where there is a lot of wind, it is important to protect young trees against that. 

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It is best to use tree ties when placing and growing young trees. These bands guide the trees during the growth process, provide support and protect the trees from strong winds. At Wovar you will find different types of tree ties. The tree straps differ not only in length, but also in material and method of attachment. For example, you can choose a rubber or nylon strap, which you can attach with a wire or with a nail. You will find the specifications of the respective tree tire belts on each product page.

Attaching a Tree Strap

Wovar offers a wide variety of tree ties, which can be attached in different ways. Most of our tree straps are secured with tree strap nails. You can read all the specific information about the attachment on the product pages of the tree ties themselves.

Buying Tree Tape

Buy your tree tape now at an affordable price at Wovar! In our diverse range, there is a suitable tree tie for every young tree. Companies in the construction sector and landscape gardeners benefit from many advantages with a business account.

When ordering a spiked tree tire, do not forget to order tree strap nails.