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Anchor Bolts

Do you want to mount a thick beam on the wall? Or do you want to anchor another heavy object to a stone wall or concrete? With the anchor bolts from Wovar you ensure an extremely strong anchoring of beams and hardware to stone or concrete. Roughly speaking, Wovar has two types of anchor bolts, namely with push-through mounting and with pre-drill mounting. The advantage of these wedge anchors is that you can mount your material directly. You do not have to fix this anchor bolt in the wall first and then apply the material to be anchored, but you can attach the anchor bolt directly through the material to be anchored. You do have to drill a pilot hole first.

How does an anchor bolt work?

Fastening anchor bolts is fairly straightforward. You drill the hole in the wall and the material to be anchored. Then use a hammer to secure the anchor bolt into the wall and firmly clamp the material to be anchored with the aid of a nut. Wovar sells anchor bolts M6, M8, M10 and M12 thick. The lengths vary from 60 to 250 mm long.

In addition to the wedge anchors, we also supply sleeve anchors. This refers to the more traditional expansion bolt. You must first anchor this type anchor bolt in the wall, so you can then mount the material to be anchored over the wedge anchor.

Which drill bit to use for wedge anchors?

Anchor bolts are usually only used for anchoring in concrete or solid stone. You can use our concrete drill bits or hammer drill bits SDS-plus for this. You determine the thickness of the drill based on the thickness of the wedge anchor you wish to use. Are you using an M6 bolt? Then choose a 6.0 mm hammer drill bit. Do you opt for anchor bolts M8? Then you use an 8.0 mm drill bit. This is also how it works with M10 wedge anchors and M12 bolts. The thickness of the drill is equal to the thickness of the expansion bolt.

The length of the drill depends on the length of the anchor bolt and the thickness of the material to be anchored. You should always make the hole 5 mm deeper than the length of the anchor bolt minus the thickness of the material to be anchored. This ensures that there is always enough space to attach the anchor bolt.

Drill bit for wedge anchors

For wedge anchors, the hole should be somewhat thicker, because the sleeve is somewhat larger than the thickness of the bolt itself. This is also indicated per wedge anchor. A few examples:

  • An M6 sleeve bolt requires a 10 mm masonry drill bit
  • An M8 sleeve bolt requires a 14 mm masonry drill bit
  • An M10 sleeve bolt requires a 16 mm masonry drill bit
  • An M12 sleeve bolt requires a 20 mm masonry drill bit

Eye bolts

Eye bolts are very strong because they are made of galvanised steel. They provide a solid attachment due to the high clamping range of the sleeve, making them suitable for high loads. You use them for objects that have a hook, so that they can be pulled through the eye of the wedge bolt, such as shade sails.

These eye bolts are easier to assemble than you think. Pre-drill a hole in the wall, insert the eye bolt, and tighten the nut. As the nut is tightened, the sleeve will expand and anchor itself in the wall.

Hook bolts

Hook bolts are most commonly used for shade sails. Shade sails provide wonderful cooling on days with a lot of sun. Hook bolts are installed in the same way as eye bolts. Depending on the thickness of the anchor bolt with hook, you drill a hole in the wall. With every hook anchor bolt is indicated which drill diameter and length you should use. These are also strong bolts and suitable for heavy loads.

Ordering anchor bolts online

Order the extremely strong anchor bolts at Wovar for the lowest price! Companies in the construction, DIY, and landscaping industry enjoy even more benefits.

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