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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Gate Stops

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Gate Stops

Does your door or gate often slam against the wall? Wovar's gate stops might be the solution for you. Our door stops prevent damage due to, for example, wind. Wind can blow your door or gate open and slam it against the wall, damaging it. This is why we offer door stops that include both a buffer and a gate hook, as well as regular gate and door stops. 

Is this not quite what you are looking for? Check out our gate and door holders, or browse our gate hooks.

Are you looking for a gate stop for your gate or door? Wovar supplies gate stops for gates and doors in various models made of extremely solid galvanised steel and in black. Some of our gate stops are supplied complete with buffer and wind hook. The hook is included with the gate stop for floor mounting and wall mounting, as well.

Installing gate stops for gates and doors

Installing a gate stop for your gate door doesn't have to be difficult. You will need an SDS-plus hammer drill 12 x 160 mm, 2 M8 x 50 mm wood threaded bolts, 2 M8 fasteners, 2 nylon plugs 12 x 60 mm, a matching SDS plus drilling machine and a 13 mm open-end or ring spanner.

First, you determine the position of the gate stop. Mark the mounting holes so that you can drill 3 holes for the plugs. Drill the holes approximately 65 mm deep. Place the plugs in the holes and tighten the studs with washers firmly with a 13 mm wrench. You can use a small spirit level to ensure that you mount the gate stop correctly.

Ordering gate stops

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