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Wovar Post Caps

Wovar supplies post caps made of stainless steel, galvanized steel, and in a black finish, in various sizes. Post caps are also called post covers, pole caps, but most popularly, simply fence post caps. You use the post caps to neatly finish the top of fence posts, for example. In addition to providing a beautiful finish, the post caps are also functional. The post caps protect your garden posts against rainwater. This prevents moisture from forming on the post and the posts will rot and mold less quickly. Your posts have a longer lifespan and therefore last longer. At Wovar you can choose from gray and black post caps in different shapes. With us, you can choose from a pyramid shape, a ball top shape, or a flat round shape for poles.

Attaching Post Caps

Assembly is easy with 2 screws or nails, for which the screw holes are positioned opposite of each other. If you do not want to use screws or nails, you can also fix the post caps with a universal adhesive kit. Use sufficient contact adhesive and simply press the post cap down onto the wooden post.

The post caps can be ordered for 7 x 7 cm to 15 x 15 cm posts. Because the post cap is 1 mm larger, it fits nicely around your garden post, after which you can attach it firmly as described above. In addition to providing a longer lifespan for your garden posts, the post caps also provide a beautiful finishing touch. The caps are available in different shapes, so you can have them match your particular garden style. With us, you can choose between round pole caps of 10 or 12 cm diameter, or pyramid and spherical-shaped post caps. The high-quality stainless steel post caps for garden posts from Wovar have a long lifespan. This is because these post caps are made of stainless steel, so the post caps will not oxidize. The galvanized version is very strong but can be damaged by weather influences over time.

Buying your Post Caps

Order the beautiful Wovar post caps and give your garden posts a longer lifespan. Additionally, take advantage of our attractive volume discount when ordering at least 10 of the same pole caps! Construction companies, and others, such as Handyman companies, renewable energy contractors, and landscape gardeners, receive more benefits at Wovar, such as extra discounts, with a business account.

In addition to post caps, Wovar also offers various post holders.