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Expanding Foam Tape

You will often find cracks or gaps near window and door frames. To fill these gaps, you can use expanding foam tape. This impregnated and compressed foam tape creates an airtight and watertight seal after expanding. On top of that, the foam tape results in more constant temperatures and better soundproofing. And all of that with a simple piece of tape.

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Frequently asked questions

Expanding foam tape, sometimes called PU foam tape, is a high-quality, polyethurane foam tape. The tape is compressed, and starts expanding after application. It will create a watertight and airtight seal. It is used with masonry work, door and window frames, roofs, glazing, and more. The foam tape can even help with soundproofing and keeping a constant temperature in the room.

As the name suggests, expanding foam tape works by expanding. When you receive the tape, it is compressed, but after application, it starts expanding. The tape can expand up to 5 times its original sizes. At room temperature, it usually takes about an hour. For the best result, push the foam tape in the gap as far as possible.

After taking away the cover, the expanding foam tape slowly starts expanding. The exact speed depends on the temperature of the room and the humidity. Low temperatures and a high humidity slow down the expansion. At room temperature and with regular humidity levels, it will take about one hour to fully expand. 

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Using expanding foam tape

Using expanding foam tape is easy. Before buying the tape, look at the size of the crack or gap you want to fill, so you can be sure that the tape fits. Remove the foil covering the tape to access the adhesion strip. When working with expanding foam tape, it is important to work fast, because it expands relatively quickly. The faster you work, the easier it is to apply the tape. Push the tape into the crack as far as possible, with, for instance, a putty knife. 

Ordering expanding foam tape

Order your expanding foam tape and start closing those cracks and gaps. Do you own a business? Business owners in the construction and landscaping sector enjoy many advantages with a free Wovar business account. For example, our business clients benefit from a set business discount.

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