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Frame Fixings

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Frame Fixings

With frame fixings, you fix a wooden beam firmly to a stone wall. In the past, wedge bolts were usually used for this. With frame fixings for heavy constructions, however, this is much simpler and faster. These frame fixings from Wovar are ideal when building a wooden veranda extension on your stone facade of the house. These galvanised frame fixings are very strong and can be purchased here for attractive prices.

Frame fixings, also known as frame plugs, hammer plugs, or also hammer fixings, have a plug in the wall. For example, for mounting 5x15, 6.3x17, and 7x20 mm larch, spruce, or pine beams on stone facades, our nylon frame fixings offer the solution. Wovar's frame fixings have a flat head. This sinks nicely into the wood, which leads to a beautiful finish. The frame fixings are equipped with a Torx 40 drive. This is a star-shaped drive with six points. This ensures that your tools have extra grip and do not slip. However, you can also hammer in your frame fixing. Disassembly is possible thanks to the Torx head of such wall plugs.

You can also install door frames with our frame fixings. Door frames need a solid connection. By using the frame fixings from Wovar you are assured of this. Wovar recommends frame screws for installing window frames.

Did you know that.. a frame fixing is also called a nail fixing, this is because the screw can simply be hammered into the plug. So you don't need to screw either.

The Correct Drilling Depth for Frame Fixings

The Wovar frame fixings are 10 mm thick and available in the lengths 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm, 160mm, and 180mm. The frame fixings must be pre-drilled with a 10 mm thick drill. The drilling depth depends on the length of the fixing. Take the length of the fixing and add 5mm to this. Now you know the correct drilling depth.

The handy thing about these frame fixings is that they are specially designed for push-through installation. This means you never have to sign off twice. For slightly less heavy structures, frame screws are sufficient. These special screws do not require a plug. Finally, you can also use the beam plug set for very heavy applications.

Order frame fixings

Order solid frame fixings from Wovar in different sizes. Companies in the construction and garden industry enjoy extra benefits such as an additional discount with a business account.

Are frame fixings not quite what you are looking for? Wovar also supplies smaller hammer fixings, frame screws, and concrete screws without a fixing! In addition, you will also find express nails, nylon plugs, and hollow wall plugs.

Do you need an extremely strong anchor? Then we recommend our anchor bolts!