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Gravel Mats

Are you looking for a solid surface for your gravel? Wovar supplies high-quality gravel mats for the lowest price. These so-called honeycomb mats ensure that your decorative gravel or garden split remains neatly in place and does not slide. For example, it prevents traces from forming on your bicycle or car in your driveway. At Wovar you can buy gravel mats or gravel plates in two different sizes. Namely 39 x 77 x 3.2 cm and 120 x 80 x 2.5 cm. Available colors are white, gray and black.

Choosing the right substrate for your ornamental gravel or garden split is extremely important. Not only do you ensure that the gravel stays neatly in place, but you also prevent the growth of weeds and grass. This is because the Wovar gravel sheets are equipped with Anti-root cloth.

Order high-quality gravel sheets for the lowest price from Wovar. Wovar supplies gravel sheets at lightning speed from its own stock. So you can always start your job quickly! Do you have a construction, DIY or landscaping company? Then quickly create a business account to take advantage of extra benefits such as a discount.

Are gravel sheets or gravel plates not quite what you are looking for? Wovar also supplies root cloths and tarpaulins.

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The use of the Wovar gravel sheets ensures that driving and walking are no longer an issue. Think of walking in heels and using wheelchairs, cars and bicycles. In addition, the Wovar  gravel sheets are not only super affordable, but are also provided with anti-root cloth. This gives weeds and grass no chance to grow between your ornamental gravel. In addition, the root cloth is permeable to water so that rainwater can easily drain away.

How should I lay gravel sheets?

gravel sheets or gravel sheets are indispensable if you want to place ornamental gravel or garden gravel. In addition to purchasing, it is of course also important that the gravel sheets are installed correctly. Below we explain which steps you need to go through to install gravel sheets in the right way.

1. Ensuring the right foundation

It is important that the subsoil of your foundation has sufficient bearing capacity. It is important to provide the foundation with 15 to 25 cm of dense sand or stone rubble (mixed granulate). The strength of the gravel pavement depends on the bearing capacity of the subsoil and not on the gravel sheet or the gravel. You can distinguish between gravel sheets in the garden and gravel sheets for your driveway.

Foundation for gravel sheets in the garden

Want to use gravel sheets in your garden? Then a high carrying capacity is not necessary. A subsoil of existing soil can be sufficient if it is well tamped. However, we prefer to opt for a foundation of dense sand with a thickness of at least 15 cm.

gravel sheet foundation for your driveway

When making a driveway, the surface must have a high load-bearing capacity. Therefore, provide a bottom layer of at least 25 cm of sand or mixed granulate. Professionals and craftsmen prefer a combination. These often choose 20 cm of mixed granulate and then apply 5 cm of sand to it to make the plates nice and flat.

2. Laying root cloths

Do you have gravel sheets without root cloth? Then apply root cloth after installation. Ensure an overlap of at least 30 cm between different sheets of cloth. For a nice finish at the edges, fold the carrot cloth in half. This way you get a neat, tight edge finish. Do you have gravel plates to which the root cloth is already glued? Then you do not need to order it.

3. Laying the gravel sheets

You simply click the Wovar gravel plates together using the coupling system. This allows you to make meters quickly and easily! Connect the gravel plates together. It is important that you use edge closures and leave a gap of 1 to 2 cm between the edge and the panels. It is unfortunately not possible to order custom gravel sheets. However, you can easily shorten your stabilizing plates with the help of a handsaw or jigsaw.

Tip: Start filling slabs on the side where you have the gravel. Work backwards from there. This allows you to drive over the gravel-filled slabs with a full wheelbarrow and prevent damage to the gravel sheets.