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The main construction of a sliding door system consists of rails with wheels. These wheels are attached to the door. You could say they are carrying the door. This allows you to move the door back and forth on the rails to open and close it. There are various types of rails and wheels, for example, stainless steel, vintage, and black designs are available. You can complete a sliding door with all kinds of accessories, like handles, locks, and a softclose system.

The complete sliding door sets contain all the necessary fastening materials to install the wheels, rails, and possible additions. On top of this, it is useful to also have a pencil, 8 mm hammer drill bit, 13 mm spanner, spirit level, screwdriver, measuring tape, and a power drill. It is of utmost importance to install the sliding door level, because the door will roll down the rails if the construction is not level. You can also add an extension for the rails, so you can increase the range of movement. All sets include a user manual, which explains in detail how to install the sliding door system.

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Sliding Door Systems

Sliding door systems fit well in a modern and minimalistic home. The simple design opens up the spaces in your house. Wovar offers sliding door systems with an industrial appearance, but also with room for personal style, so you can choose the design that is the best option for your home. 

Next to the sliding door systems themselves, you can also find the corresponding accessories on our website. For instance, a handle to open the sliding doors or a soft-close system for closing the doors. Are you a business owner with a company in the construction or landscaping industry? Enjoy additional benefits by signing up for a free business account. Wovar’s business clients receive a personal discount code, get access to a detailed order overview, and can contact us to speak to a trained specialist.

Sliding door system - sliding door rails

As you can see, we have a variety of products to make your job a success. Barn doors are increasingly popular and are an easy and effective way to divide your home. After easily mounting them to the wall yourself, simply slide the doors back and forth over the rails. The sliding door will slide in front of a wall, as opposed to French doors, which always open into a space. The result is that, in addition to looking great, the sliding doors create more room. This makes these doors great for both big and small spaces.

We sell our sliding door systems in complete sets. If you require more than what is supplied by a set, they are easy to expand with extensions. For example, by also ordering separate hanging rollers, the systems are suitable for creating double sliding doors for a beautiful industrial look. We supply such systems in multiple colours to meet various interior needs.

Sliding door fittings - sliding door handle

Of course, you also want a matching handle for a beautiful sliding door. Choose between black, flat handles that fit the rail system and rollers, and finger pulls that direct your focus more to the natural look of the wooden door. You can install a finger pull by making a mortice in which you place the pull. Wovar offers a wide range of finger pulls and handles for your sliding doors. Check out all of our sliding door handles.

Order Sliding Door Systems and Door Hardware online

Order your new sliding door system from Wovar for the best price! We deliver throughout Europe from our own large stock. You will find detailed assembly instructions for each article on the relevant page, so you can easily get started with our products. Take advantage of extra benefits, such as additional discounts and a detailed order history, with a business account!

Wovar is also the place to go for making your own wardrobe, for example with our popular shelf brackets. We also offer any fastener you might require for your project, such as screws, adhesives, bolts, nails, and more. If you want to match the rest of the fittings in your house to the sliding door, check out our window fittings, cabinet hardware, and furniture fixings, like table legs.

Are you going for a modern and popular black sliding door system in combination with your other black door hardware, or do you opt for a sleek, modern stainless steel look together with your stainless steel door hardware? Our tip is to take a good look at the material and colour of the door hardware in your home.