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Wovar Sliding Door Systems

Sliding door systems are very popular and convenient. You simply have more free space in your home because there is no longer any need to open a patio door into a room. In addition to these sliding doors for indoor use with a beautiful industrial sliding rail system where the door hangs loosely on a rail, Wovar is also your address for handy sliding door systems to make your own wardrobe. With our popular wardrobe sliding door systems you can easily create extra storage space under a sloping wall, for example. a handy alternative to closed knee bulkheads so that you can keep your attic, bedroom, or utility room tidy. 

Apart from these sliding door systems, you will also find the necessary accessories such as a handle for sliding doors, or do you want a sliding door bowl? We supply all accessories for sliding doors throughout the Netherlands and Belgium for the best price. Do you have a construction or a Handyman business? Then take advantage of many extra benefits by creating a business account. With such an account you enjoy, among other things, a fixed business discount on all your purchases, the option of express delivery, and a handy order overview.

Sliding Door System - Sliding Door Rails

As you can see, we have a variety of products to make your job a success. Loft doors are an increasing trend and are an easy way to divide your home. Thanks to the handy rails that you make on the wall, you can easily move your door over it. The sliding door will then slide in front of a wall so that you no longer have French doors in your home. This gives you more space that you can use in the house, which is of course very nice. 

Our handy packages are easy to expand with extensions. For example, by also ordering separate hanging rollers, the systems are even suitable for creating double sliding doors for a beautiful industrial look. We supply such systems in multiple colors to meet various interior needs. Are you going for a modern and popular black sliding door system in combination with your other black door hardware, or do you opt for a sleek, modern stainless steel look together with your stainless steel door hardware? Our tip is to also take a good look at the material and color of the door hardware in your home, such as retro door hardware.

Sliding Door Fitting - Sliding Door Handle

Of course, you also want a matching handle for a beautiful industrial sliding door. At Wovar you will find a range with a beautiful black flat handle, for example, that completely matches the black look of the rail system and hanging rollers. In addition to the handles that protrude from the door, you can also opt for a sliding door bowl. To do this, make a slot in the hanging door, which you then fill in with these modern sliding door finger pulls. We supply such sliding door bowls in various models so that you will find a matching handle for your sliding door. Our sliding door bowls are also well suited for use with our sliding wardrobe door system. You will find all models in the sliding door handles category.

Sliding Door System Cabinet for a Sloping Wall

With this system, you can easily make your own cupboard doors under, for example, your sloping wall in the attic. By using sliding doors in rails (bottom and top rails), you can easily create a lockable storage space, so you always have a tidy attic. In addition, our handy clips for sloping walls make installation a lot easier than you would expect.

Such extra storage space is already made in a few hours, view the full range of sliding door system cabinets! At Wovar you will find all this for competitive prices and fast delivery from our own large stock.

Note: are you going to make a wardrobe with these sliding doors? Make sure that there is a 10 cm free space between the doors and the shelves for air circulation.

Making Sliding Doors, Installing Wardrobe Rails

Our sliding wardrobe door system is also known as a so-called rolling system. The moving cabinet doors roll over a bottom rail by means of wheels. The top rail is located at the top of the sliding cabinet doors, which only ensures that the sliding doors remain in position. You can mount the bottom profile on your floor using screws, high-quality glue, or simply with our very high-quality double-sided tape. Such mounting ways of the bottom rail also depend on the presence of a concrete floor with or without underfloor heating. The top rail can be screwed to the ceiling or to the purlins of a sloping hood using the special clips.

Due to this simple mounting method, doors can handle a maximum weight of 50 kg per door and a maximum thickness of 26 mm. We often see that our systems are used in combination with 18 mm thick MDF boards that are easy to process. These homemade sliding doors are then covered with a so-called handle strip over the entire length or use a sliding door bowl from the sliding door fitting category per door to be able to operate your new cabinet doors. The handy thing about a handle bar is that it has a slot at the back in which a brush profile fits. This ensures a dust-proof cabinet, the brush profile is also known as a dust strip.

Want to read step-by-step how to use the sliding door system for wardrobes? Then read our handy Blog: Custom sliding doors with sliding door system. Or watch the video below:

Order Sliding Door Systems and Door Hardware online

Order your new sliding door system from Wovar for the best price! We deliver throughout Europe from our own large stock. Your new wardrobe with sliding doors or industrial hanging Barnwood sliding door used as a room divider starts with us. You will find detailed assembly instructions for each article on the relevant page so that you can easily get started with our products. Take advantage of extra benefits such as additional discounts, urgent delivery, and your own contact person with a business account!

Wovar is also the place to go for making your own wardrobe, for example with our popular shelf brackets. With this, you can make a complete interior design yourself in no time at all, also for fastening materials such as screws, glues, and sealants and other matching furniture hardware such as cable managers, furniture legs, and table legs. Do you opt for black door fittings in your interior? Then it is advisable to also use these colors as window fittings, you have come to the right place at Wovar for this too. We supply a wide range of fall window fittings, window trees, and a safe window closure, or choose one of our beautiful, matching window stays.