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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Tree Guards

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Tree Guards

Wovar's tree guards are available in the sizes 600, 800, and 1000 mm. All of our tree guards have a diameter of 85 mm. The sleeves protect the tree, among other things, from the clawing, rubbing, and biting of animals. Always trying to get rid of mice and other rodents? The closed part at the bottom of the sleeve protects the tree from these animals. The holes in the rest of the tree guard prevent the bark from rotting by letting air through, so the tree can still 'breathe'.

Tree guards

If you want to protect your trees, then Wovar is the place to be. Our tree guards are a cheap and efficient way to protect your new trees from all kinds of harm caused by, for example, animals. The trees can still 'breathe' thanks to the holes in the sleeve, which prevents the bark from rotting. The tree guard is easy to place around the tree because it has been cut along its length. After placing the sleeve around the tree trunk, it will automatically revert to its original shape.

When to protect a tree

When you are going to remove paving, you have to protect the trees alongside the street or pavement against potential damage. Think, for example, of damage by machines or debris. Wovar's tree guards are made of PVC instead of wood, because it is a shame to have to cut down other trees to protect these trees. On top of that, our tree guards are green, so they do not stand out.

Ordering tree guards

Order all your tree guards now for great prices at Wovar. Businesses in the construction and landscaping sector enjoy even more advantages with a business account.