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Frequently asked questions


Looking for carabiners? Wovar supplies a strong stainless steel carabiner and galvanised for every quick connection. A carabiner is also called a carabiner hook, climbing hook, or quickdraws. A carabiner makes it possible to fasten chains, shade cloths, etc. at lightning speed. The hinged part closes itself completely, making it almost impossible to release it.

Wovar carabiners are available in stainless steel and galvanised steel. The sizes are very diverse. The thicker the carabiner, the stronger the carabiner. Galvanised carabiners are stronger than stainless steel carabiners. This is because Stainless Steel is softer than galvanised steel. The advantage of stainless steel carabiners is that they do not oxidise. Not even after minor damage. Galvanised carabiners can rust after the zinc layer has been damaged.

Ordering Carabiners

Order stainless steel or galvanised carabiners for the lowest price at Wovar. Companies in the construction and gardening industry are advised to sign up for a business account to take advantage of additional benefits such as discounts.