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4.7 stars out of over 2000 reviews
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Foil Tape

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Foil Tape

Foil tape for roof and facade membranes is a kind of sealing tape that can be used in two different ways. The most-used purpose is applying the tape to the wooden framework that you are going to attach the roof or facade membrane to. Doing so will result in a water and airtight seal between the wood and the membrane. Additionally, the tape prevents the natural acids and chemicals in the wood from affecting the membrane.

The tape is also used to close the holes created by the screws, staples, or nails that fix the membrane to the wood. In some countries, such as Germany, it is mandatory to use foil tape like this to prevent the corrosion of the screws, staples, or nails. Our foil tape is water, dust, and airtight. Added to that, it can withstand UV-radiation and handle all kinds of weather. The foil tape can still be used at low temperatures.

Our foil tape for roof and facade membranes is 30 mm wide and 3 mm thick, and is sold on rolls of 30 m long. Applying the tape is a straightforward job. Simply take the start of the roll and slowly roll the tape down the wood or membrane while applying light pressure, after which you can cut it at the desired length.

Buy foil tape for roof and facade membranes

Make your wall or roof water and airtight with Wovar’s high-quality foil tape. Businesses in the construction and landscaping industries enjoy benefits with a business account. Sign up for free today!

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